Battlegroup42 and FHSW sign trade agreement

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Published by Andron Taps 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Good day m8s, today we have some exciting news from Battle Group 42, enjoy:)

Hi Battlegroup42 fans,

Today we are able to announce some really fantastic news. We´ve managed to set up a content trade agreement with the FH mod "FHSW". This is good news for both communities - FHSW and BG42 - as it will boost the attractiveness of both mods. A part of this agreement states that each team has to make any trade between the mods public in order to avoid confusion among the players of both mods and to avoid unnecessary discussions about "stolen content".
FHSW and BG42 are among the very few teams still developing a mod for BF1942. Both teams are aiming to extend the performance of the engine to its limits, either in graphics, code or level of detail. But since both teams have limits in manpower, we decided to help each other in order to improve both mods. We are well aware that BG42 and FHSW are living in completely different worlds - this is not only meant geographically, having FHSW based in Japan and BG42 mainly based in Germany, but also in a gaming point of view. Since FHSW is a Forgotten Hope mod, which is a competitor of Battlegroup42, trading content should be done carefully in order to save both mods identity and unique characteristics. Thats why both teams have agreed to a trade agreement. We are reporting some of the main rules of this agreement here:

The trade will be piece-by-piece, that means that every single vehicle/static/mesh/map etc. which is to be exchanged will only be traded if the other team offers one piece of the same category and at least the same quality. All content which is NOT genuine BG42 or FHSW can NOT be traded under any circumstances. This covers content from BGF/ Bf1918/ EoD in BG42 and FH/PFC/FHT content in FHSW. Every developer will decide for himself if his work will be traded with the other team. FHSW can ask BG42 for content of abandoned mods like TLB and Anubis, those requests will be treated like normal, genuine BG42 content. If the creator of a specific content inside a mod is unknown or unreachable in order to ask him for permission, the content can not and will not be traded.

Both teams agreed on not trading any content to third-party mods, so if you would see any of following content outside of BG42 or FHSW, it was definetly stolen by the mod using it. In the future, we will post a news about any trade between FHSW and BG42 on the homepage.

As of now, we have traded the following content with FHSW:

  • B-4 howitzer (from FHSW) for ML-20 howitzer (from BG42)
  • M26 Pershing (from FHSW) for M18 Hellcat (from BG42)
  • Ki-84 (from FHSW) for P-80 (from BG42)
  • F1M2 (from FHSW) for Beaufort (from BG42)


The Mitsubishi F1M2 will serve as a catapult plane on large warships in future BG42 releases, while the Nakajima KI-84 is going to bring some trouble to the Corsairs and Hellcats on late war pacific theaters. You can expect more tradings like this in the furture. We are sure that this agreement would be the start of a productive and creative cooperation.

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