BF1918 Update

18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Vantage from the Battlefield 1918 mod has contacted us with another great update today. They have a HUGE amount of new screenshots from their Major Release 2. Check this out, [quote] As said a few days ago, we've bundled up a fair package of no less than 45 pictures for you guys. Gaze and wonder over some of our recent additions, that are now working ingame. Go have a look right here! Notice how we've used 4 of our new maps to take the pictures on. You may recognise Gallipoli - Helles Landing, Villers Bretonneux, Battle of Cambrai and Battle of Vosges, all basking in their new Beta 1.92 glory. Also notice the Mark IV Tank, Periscope Binoculars and the fort Sedd El Bahr from the Gallipoli scene, as well as the Mauser C96 Pistol and many other new things. Happy viewing! In other news, we'd like to bring some renewed attention to our very own official IRC Channel. The name recently changed to #frontline18, and you may find this channel on Quakenet. This way, our fans have the ability to talk with their favourite mod team. And for those of you with a basic understanding of the German language, you may find a nice IRC tutorial right here, courtesy of Tagedieb from our Gaming Team. [/quote] Looking very nice! These screenshots are only making me more anxious for this release!

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