BF1942 Files Exclusive Interview with the RollerCoaster mod! + pictures

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Yep, that's right it's exclusive :D I made this interview with Dark-Werewolf the mapper,modeler and some times skinner from the [url="http://www.roller-coaster.kcd-clan.com/theteam.htm"]rollercoaster team[/url] . So I hope you'll get a lot of info about the mod. So read on and learn some more about the cool [url="http://www.roller-coaster.kcd-clan.com/"]Rollercoaster mod[/url]! Here's the interview: [quote] Let's get started: 1: Q: How are you planing on the gameplay, I mean what kinds of weapons and rides? A: Were going to make it mainly a funmod in where you can figth with food, and rides will be just like in a park. 2 Q: How many % do you need for the mod to be complete? and how long will it take? A: Well i cant tell when the first release will be, but were looking at 70% done for 1st release 3 Q: How many people are working on the mod? A: We're currently working with 5 people and we still need some coders and modelers so by this we would like to ask the readers or any people that can code, model or skin. 4 Q: Do you have any plans of moving to Battlefield 2 ? A: There were some ideas to do that but since BF2 isent out yet we arrent to do so, but this may change in the future. 5 Q: Did you lose hope after sPro`otter left the team, becausee he was a big man in the mod? A: Well there were a little moment that i thougth that the mod would die, when it happened. But we (the team) could take the set back and go on to give you all in this mod! 6 Q: Which teams will be battling in the park? A: Well were thinking of this: The parkkeepers VS Wild Children (or grany's and adults). But were mainly going for the children idea 7 Q: Will you be making burgerbars or something like that, instead of health cabins? A: Well this is a good qeustion what I've been asked about before! But now there will be certain spots in the park were you will lose healt by wise of getting tired or annoyed, but yes u can regain that at hamburgerstands and or fending machines. 8 Q: Do you think that this mod will be as famous as Interstate and other fun-mods? A: Well we got more than 10.000 hits on our site! So yeah I think a lot of people would like to try this mod! 9: Q: What kind of music can we expect in the mod ? A: Rammstein style dark and heavy!!!! No just joking it will be something like on our site, but les annoying eh a whole less anoying! 10: Q: Who will controle the rollercoasters? Will the person be on the rollercoaster or at a staion? A: I can't awnser that one, this is only because we got a little argument about that. 11: Q: How many hours a day do you work on the mod? A: Well that just depends how much homework i get from school :'( 12: Q:How's the current state on the mod? A: We're fideling around with the models and code since almost no one knows how to code! But we're playing with it and improving it and adding more we're like 40% on it now but thats just the raw state if i have to tell the complete state of it, it would be like 37% 13: Q: What kind of rides will we see in the mod , like Rollercoasters, Paris wheels etc. ? A: WOW! are you a spy or something?! You have 2 rides rigth! (not that difficult since it's a themepark mod) but yes you're rigth about that, and there will be a racetrack and more kinds of rides and yet again I can't reveal everything! 14: Q: Who made those models on the pictures? A: All the credits are going to: Lowie Smurf (who made the coaster tracks), Strony (who maked the ohter 2 models). They're a really good help on the team! 15: Q: That rollercoaster track looks great! What kind of carts are you planing to have on it? A: Well what do you mostly find for carts on coasters? Thats rigth! Ordenairy carts! But we are making some crazy additions to them! 16: Q: Why do you think sPro`otter left the mod? , after all he came up with the idea! A: I asked him that question too! and he answered to me: "I was getting bored of the idea and I'm way to busy to make it" So he just left because he was too busy. I bet he pays a visit once in a while. 17: Q: I think it would be a good idea if you removed the tickets in the mod, what do you think about that? A: Well since BF1942 was designed with that system we can't remove it that easly, but we're looking if we can make it a little bit different but dont get excited because we're just seeingw what we can do. Well it was nice to give you guys an exclusive interview! So now I'm going back to my model and trying to get it finished in time! Dark-Werewolf RC mod Dev. Thank you very much for you time! I can't tell you how i love this mod! :D So good luck. Oh And thanks for the Exclusive pictures! [/quote] Well, That's all for this time! I hope you enjoyed reading it, and got all the infomation you wanted. Cya later Fellaz

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