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Published by AndrewD 16 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Ok soldiers, how are ya? Well, this is going to be very short today. Just a few announcments and some updates. First of all, I am leaving for un-expected vacation #3. I will be in Detroit catching a Tigers game and meeting the Pistons and the Red Wings, so if you are in the area, or you are going to be at that game, drop me an email at and I will see if we can like, meet there, and talk baseball and battlefield :rock:. I will be back Sunday. Until then, Liquid2o and Coasterdude90 will be looking over the site, alongside 0ne, who may or may not see this message :) 0ne is on camel powered internet, so we rarely see him anymore.
Few Updates...
Well, first of all, I have updated the Battlefield 2 Screenshots Section with 11 Battlefield 2 screenshots. They have all been shown before, but if you missed them, you can go check them out. Wanna check em' out? Click HERE! Secondly, slightly off this sites topic but none-the-less, news, I have gotten an official server for Go to now to learn more and play on the server.
Up-coming Changes
There will be a few changes in the near future for this site. Several of them include the addition of a new public screenshot of the week section, a "brought back from the dead" Wall of Smacktards, and more eye catching website delights to make this humble place more lovely to cozy in. What I just said made no sense, and if you made sense of it, I congratulate you and give you a high five. :cool: Hmm, I am trying to think whether or not I missed anything for this week. Oh yeah real quick, I didnt list any player, clan, or staff of the week. Mainly because...well...I didnt choose any :D OH, here is a big announcement. Unless you want to see files on this site anymore, I would start sending more in. If the mail doesnt work for you, send them to or We want to post more files, but they have really been slowing down lately. We havent recieved any custom maps or anything. Just a buncha spam. Now you dont want me to post spam do you?? :) Didnt think so :D. Well, thats about it for this week. Hope you enjoyed, and sorry that it was shorter than normal. I am hurrying to get things ready to go, sorry! See ya on the battlefield soldiers! =================================================================== DDDandrew-Site Manager
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