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By AndrewD 19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Hey there soldiers, one and all! Welcome to the 11th edition of the weekly insider! Yep, thats right, we have been running this baby for 11 weeks now, and we dont plan to stop! This week was packed with news and updates, so lets get to reading shall we?!
[b]Site News and Updates[/b]
Well as probably most of you have noticed, the Battlefield 2 menu options have been removed. This was due to a mistake after an edit in which someone accidently forgot to back-up the menu. So now all you see are the essentials. I will be taking effect on this ASAP and fixing it. Secondly, I would like to announce that the BF2 news portion of our website is in need of mod updates for Battlefield 2! We know that you BF2 modders are out there, so why not roll on in and give us a shout?! If you have news, you can send it in [b]here[/b] Thirdly and finally, I would like to announce that the clan will be delayed until around October, as we are aiming to go to new heights with the website and what not. However, dont prevail, soon after that, we will start sign-ups for the Battlefield 2 portion of the clan :) Well, thats about it for site news, I cant really think of anything else. Lets move on shall we?
[b]News and Files for the Week[/b]
Well, as many of you may have noticed, we have a new news section called All News on 1 Page. Basically, you will be able to view ALL the latest 20 news items on 1 page. This eliminates me having to list the biggest stories of the week, since most of them are going to be displayed anyways. Head over there and check it out now! Here are your top files for the week:
[b]Other News[/b]
Well, really, I think thats about all that I have for this week, haha :) There actually wasnt alot of smash hit extravaganza that went on in the BF1942 world, so I guess you will just have to move on. Have a great week soldiers! See ya on the battlefield! DDDandrew-Site Manager

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