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Published by AndrewD 16 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Hey there soldiers! Welcome to the Battlefield's Top weekly intel report, for news, files, and coverage that you can count on! I am your host, DDDandrew. Now this week has been, for the most part, as usual, quite boring. Of course, we do have the exciting moments captured and brought forward for you to experience once again. So lets get to it shall we?
Site News and Server News
Well, as you all know, the network has made a few new relaunches. These include CoDFiles, AoMFiles, and BCFiles. Go check them out, the new templates are really nice! Next up, I would like to say that the server is currently running Desert Combat 0.7. Head over there now to get in on the action!
This Weeks Top News Stories...
Here are the top selected news stories of the week:
This Weeks Top File Releases...
Here are this weeks top file releases:
This Weeks Funky Battlefield Story...
Ok, so I decided to add something new to the Weekly Insider. Its the Weekly Funky event. I will be asking you, the community, for your funky mishap or adventure on the battlefield for the week. Then I will post your small story here on BF1942Files, and everyone gets a good laugh! So, this week, we get one from the recent Player of the Week, -FoE-Spaztik!. Lets see what his crazy mishap was!
The interesting thing that happend to me was kinda mean but still funny. I was playing in a room of maby 6 people and there was an 11 year old girl in there. She was being noobish,only cause she was 11, but we were playing then one of the players asked how they could change their name and im like heh heh. So I said just hit Alt F4 and the girl is like really? She wasnt the one asking to changer her name but I guess she wanted too. So then maybe three seconds later after she asks if thats how you change your name...she disconnects. Everyone in the room was like lmao. She was annoying asking A/S/L and chatroom stuff that dont belong in Battlefield so I think I was the hero of the room. Ands that my story, dont like it? go stick a rusty spoon in your eye. To violent? Go stick a pink fuzzy panda doll in your eye.
Hahahahaha, that was really funny. Thats why the game is rated "T" for teen :P Hehe! Thanks alot for that story Spaztik! So, if you want to be featured in next weeks article, send me your story at THIS address, and I will review it and pick what I feel is the funniest one! Thanks! Art Contest...
Ok, so I thought up a contest. The goal for the community in this contest will be to create a battle weapon that is crazy and unsound but still believable. So, with that in mind, I want you all to start thinking something up. I will be making a news post soon with more details and possibly some prizes :) See ya! Thats all for this week, not much more to say. Thanks for reading, and I will see ya on the battlefield soldiers!
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