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By AndrewD 19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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[b]Its that special time again...the one that you have all been waiting for 3 extra days for, the one that everyone dis-likes even though they wont admit it...;)...ITS TIME FOR THE WEEKLY INSIDER! With your host...D-D-DANDREW!!!!!!!! (We hold no responsibility for retarded comments made in this e-zine :D[/b]
Yes, thats right fans, soldiers, and grandmas! Its the weekly insider, Vol. 6! This week, we had MANY MANY mod releases, and some sweet news updates as well! So lets get into it, and start it for the count!
[b]Site Updates and What Not...[/b]
Well, this week was sorta slow, and not many site changes were made. However, I will bring to the attention of all that we have a new staff member...he goes by the name of [b]_Benneh_[/b] and he will be posting news on BF1942 and BF2 for us! Please welcome him to the team, and make him feel at home! And have your grammy bake him some home made cookies! HOOAH! In other news, a few new [b]Features[/b] will be attending this site very very soon. We are going to have some neat features including the return of the [b]Wall of Smacktards[/b], a new contests page, and some hardcore contests with prizes soon as well! So come and get pumped up, because you may be winning your self something neat!
[b]Mod Releases...[/b]
Well we had quite a few releases this week, so get them here! Enjoy!
[b]News in the Making...[/b]
Well, there were some nice news updates this week, so check them out below!
[b]Up-coming Contests...[/b]
Well, I was thinking and I think that we should have some contests soon since things are seeming to bore on the site. So, here is what I have planned: I feel that we need to put the BF1942Files.com Server to use and have a little battle on it. So, in the essense of this, we are inviting up to [b]10[/b] clans to sign up and play against each other in a week long BF tourney I like to call "Battle of the Clans". There will be a prize at the end, though I will not announce what it will be yet. However, if you have any ideas as to a prize, email me at [b]gr[email protected][/b] and I will look into it. So get your clans ready and load your guns! Its time to battle! Email me at [b]graphixandrew@netscape.net[/b] if your clan will be participating! See ya!
[b]Other Site Updates...[/b]
Well, in all the hectic times, I forgot, once again, to do the Staff, Clan, and Player of the week. So, if anyone has any reccomendations, please contact me ASAP so I can put up their names. Rest assured that their names WILL be put up there if you reccomend them! Thanks! Well thats about it, I hope that you enjoyed this edition, and look forward to next weeks! See ya on the battlefield soldiers! DDDandrew-Site Manager

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