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Published by AndrewD 16 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Hey there soldiers! Well, this week was quite exciting! We have quite a few updates today, and, I am hiring again! (This will also be mentioned in another news post, as well as here.) So, lets get right to it, shall we? Hires Again!
Well, there has been a recent rise in files, news, and content, especially with Battlefield 2 coming down the road. So, I have decided that I am going to hire a few more people. Here is what I need:
  • 1 News Poster Requirements: 1. Must have good english grammar, and be able to read. 2. Must be able to take orders and do the job right. 3. Must be able to access his/her computer every day at some point in time. 4. Must be AT LEAST 15 years of age or older. 5. Must have knowledge of HTML, UBB, and possibly PHP (PHP not neccesary) If you think that you meet those requirements for NEWS POSTER, email me HERE!
  • 2 Files Posters Requirements: 1. Must have good grammar and english (Preferably fluent in some other language, but that isnt required) 2. Must be mature, and be able to have patients when awaiting long downloads or uploads. 3. Must be skilled in the usage of an FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and must have access to an FTP Program. 4. Must have AT LEAST a cable connection with no lower then 384 down, 128 up. 5. Must be AT LEAST 15 years of age or older. Think that you meet the requirements for FILES POSTER? Email me HERE!
    News and Files for this Week
    Here are this weeks top NEWS stories: Here are this weeks top FILES releases:
    Funky Story of the Week
    Ok, well, I didnt get any submissions for the funky story of the week, I wish that I would have, but since I didnt, I guess we wont have one. Sorry!
    Other News
    Well, the poll says it, "What Would you think of a BF1942Files Clan?". I think that you should go vote, because the outcome is what will happen. I have been thinking of starting a BF1942Files clan, that will NOT be run under my authority, but will be overlooked by me, since I am already in another clan. More news on this to come. Well, thats all for this week. I hope that you enjoyed it. See ya on the Battlefield soldiers! Regards, DDDandrew-Site Manager CLICK HERE FOR MOVIE ZEKE!!!
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