BF1942Files Gets Server Monitoring from ServerShots! Read now!

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Published by AndrewD 16 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Hey there soldiers! Well, as you may not know, there is a little company out there called ServerShots that host live and up-to-date server monitoring information! Though new to the scene, ServerShots has taken a full lead at the project and have some cool news for you today! Read on soldiers!
Servershots will be opening shop soon, and we need some beta testers to help check and make sure we've worked all of our bugs out before the official release. For the many of you that don't know what Servershots are, let me explain them to you. Back in December, our clan's CO (HWA) was setting up a ServerSpy monitor on our site. For those of you that have set one of these up, it's a b****! It requires a lot of background coding knowledge, is difficult to blend in with your site, and isn't portable at all. It just wasn't worth it. So instead, he decided to try and create something better then this. And thus, the Servershot was invented.
This great system will feature all of the following games, and more in the future:
  • America's Army
  • Battlefield 1942
  • Battlefield Vietnam
  • Call of Duty
  • Far Cry
  • Halo
  • Half Life
  • Quake 3
  • Raven Shield
  • RTCW
  • Soldiers of Fortune 2
  • Tribes
  • Tribes 2
  • UT2K3
  • UT2K4
The best part about Servershots is that you don't need to know anything about php or HTML! All you need to know is the IP of your game server and the Gamespy port it uses. We do the rest! And since all it is is a graphic, you can easily put it anywhere with img src tags or put it in a forum post (just like above!) Now, while I'm sure you all wish that this was free, it isn't. Sorry, but we do have bills to pay for servers and the like. So we'll be offering this service to the gaming community for just $10 dollars a year. For your 10 dollars, we will offer you a hassle free approach to server monitoring. We do all the work, you get a finished, ready-to-use product. So, for those of you that are interested in Servershots and have a game server for one of the games mentioned above, we can use your help. We would like you to help us test our automatic Servershot purchase/creation system. We will accept a maximum of 3 testers per game. These testers will need to be able to spend time working with us to fix any bugs they may encounter. In return for their help, they will receive a free Servershot for 1 year. So, for those interested in beta testing Servershots, please send me an email at Please put "Interested In Beta Testing" in the subject. Include what game you want to help test, and the IP and Gamespy port for it in the message. For those that wish to get the final product and/or can't help beta test, our current plan is to be ready within 2 weeks. The faster we beta test, the sooner we are ready for release. For those that want to see more of this stuff in action, check out We just moved the site, so the DNS may still be updating in your area. If you don't see " -- What's your status? (Currently under construction)" at the top, it isn't the right site. So just keep checking back over the next day until it is right. We look forward to be helping the gaming community out in the coming months. You'll be seeing us around. Trust me
This is awesome guys! This sounds easy, affordable, and there is no question that it looks good! See for yourself! Go check out the BF1942Files Stats Page! Special thanks to ServerShots for helping us with getting back on our feet by providing us a free ServerShots block! Awesome! So guys, if you want to be part of a growing project, and also want to help ServerShots, contact Johnny now! This may just be the job for you! Thanks ServerShots! See ya on the battlefield!
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