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By AndrewD 19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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ATTENTION! Soldiers, where have I been :) Well, let me tell you! Lately, I have been very busy due to the fact that I have had homecoming, school, work, and little time for play. Thats why you have'nt seen a Weekly Insider in about 3 weeks! The fact of the matter is, I am making sure real life is up to date so that I can continue to work here :) Anyways, welcome to the 13th edition of the Battlefield 1942 Files Weekly Insider. I am DDDandrew, your site manager, with this weeks mod releases, top stories, and more! Lets start out with a few site updates shall we?
[b]Site Updates...[/b]
First of all, let me announce that I am in the process of compiling a [b]BF1942Files.com Official Map Pack[/b], with some top community maps in it. This will probably come in multiple downloads, since it is going to weigh in at around 900 megs (Keeping you 56kers in mind :)). So with that, look forward to it, and hopefully I can get it done soon! In other news, I have added some new sections. They are the [b]Site Rules[/b] and [b]Comments Rules[/b] sections. Click those links to check them out, and make sure that you remember them. Get over to the polls and vote for this weeks topic: [b]How is Forgotten Hope 0.65?[/b] Ok, thats enough for site updates, lets move onto the news and files for the week!
[b]News & Files[/b]
Well, since I announce the news archiver a long time ago, I will just link you. The news archiver shows the latest 20 news items, in full. Click [b]HERE[/b] to check that out. As for files, there were some major releases this week. Mainly [b]Forgotten Hope 0.65[/b]. Here are the links for that: Silent Heroes was also released:
  • [b]Silent Heroes 0.45 Client Full Install (436,45 Megs): CLICK HERE!!!
  • SIlent Heroes 0.40 - 0.45 Patch (147.31 Megs): CLICK HERE!!![/b]
That about covers it for the files! So lets move on now, I would like to reiterate on the topic that I am still in need of more movie submissions for the contest. If you submitted before my hard drive got reformated 2 days ago, PLEASE resend yours to [b][email protected][/b], so that I can properly enter you into the contest. All submissions ARE REQUIRED to be in by no later then Wednsday of this coming week. Thanks! Thats about it for now, come back next week for another weekly insider! See ya on the battlefield soldiers! DDDandrew-Site Manager

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