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[b]WELCOME TO THE BF1942Files Weekly Insider! I am the deep voiced narrator dude, A.K.A. guy with no life! Make yourselves comfortable, here is this weeks edition of the BFWI! And now your host, Mr. D-D-D-ANDREW![/b]
Uhm...yeah...thanks, your scary. ANYWAYS! Yes thats right! Welcome to this weeks edition of the Weekly Insider. Today we will cover this weeks big hits and top stories, as well as touch on a few slighter issues. Lots has happened this week, so we better get started!
Top Stories from this Week
First of all, I would like to thank everyone for coming to the [b]D-Day Memorial[/b] on the server. It was really one of the last days that we got together on the server, because [b]ASF clan[/b] had a few rough bumbs, and had to close their doors. Thanks guys, we really appreciated your support! I would also like to remember [b]Mr. Ronald Reagen[/b]. The great president passed away several days ago, and we remember him for the duties that he did for his country.
Poll Results
This week we asked you what you thought about [b]ServerShots Server Monitoring[/b]. Well, the results are out, and here they are!
  • I Don't Care-153 Votes
  • I love It!-73 Votes
  • I Don't Like It-18 Votes
  • I have suggestions for them-2 Votes
Well, it looks like alot of us dont care :confused: Well anyways, let me tell you what [b]ServerShots[/b] is again. [b]ServerShots[/b] tracks the information on your game server such as players playing, IP address, and other settings in the game. It provides useful to clans, players, and pretty much anyone who games. Wanna check it out? Click [b]HERE![/b]
In the news, and in the Files...
Now, for our top [b]File[/b] and our top [b]News Stories[/b]. First off, I will start with the news. This week I announced that we were having a community effort built towards making artwork, wall papers, and skins dedicated to BF1942Files and the Game itself. I also asked for everyone to write an essay about how Battlefield 1942 has changed their gaming expirience, or how this site has. Wanna read more about this? Click HERE!!! Now for the great [b]Files![/b] This week I would like to recognize the [b]DC Realism Mod[/b]. They have been constantly making updates and patches for their mod so that the community may enjoy it to the fullest! Wanna get it? CLICK HERE NOW!!!
Well, this week, our player of the week award goes to [b]Airborne_Sniper!!![/b] Airborne constantly posts comments and respects the rules of the site. We havent ever had to warn him, and I have seem him play on occasion. Congratulations Airborne! You deserve it!
And this weeks [b]Clan of the Week is...[/b]the FoE CLAN!!! For those who have seen the FoE members, you know that they visit this site regularily, and they have respected ALL staff at all times. They have never been warned or banned, and they participated on the server regularily when it was up. For this, they recieve [b]Clan of the Week![/b] Congratulations guys, and keep up the good work!
Well, of course, we have to recognize the staff! Here they are, and congratulations!
  • News Poster-Ali_Al_Muhaida
  • Files Poster-sProDevil
  • Comments Moderator-DavetheFo
Now for a little secret :) We are getting another server, but I am not telling when ;) Guess you will just have to wait! But of course, we are always on the dot :rock:! Well everyone, that about concludes this weeks edition of the [b]Weekly Insider[/b]. Congratulations to all our winners, and look forward to the coming week! See ya on the battlefield! ---------------------------------------------- DDDandrew-Site Manager

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