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Desert Combat Maps The Desert Combat Maps team have released several screenshots on two of their upcoming maps! The first map is called Quarry. Here's some info on this map: [quote]- The UN inspectors suspects that an abandoned rock quarry, near the Shinirwe Front in Northern Iraq, is being used to house and develop chemical weapons. US satellite recon photos show at least one scud missile launcher in the area, it's condition if operational is unknown. Also, spotted are Kurdish fighter's technical trucks and an Al Jazeera News Van that were reported missing the week earlier. Intelligence suspect that the Iraqi Military and Islamic supporters are trying to cover up the evidence. You have to move fast to catch them red handed. – The morning sun rises over inhospitable rocks as wind-chilled Coalition Soldiers in northern Iraq stare from a mountain rampart at their quarry below: Al Qaeda-backed Islamic militants and Saddam's Army.[/quote] The second map is called Twin Rivers and has been in development for a while and is expected to be released soon. Instaed of a desert setting this map has a grass and voliage setting. Here's a some background ifo on this map as well: [quote]I received an e-mail from a fan, and he gave me a very good idea. It was to make a jungle or mountain map, and to base a map off a "Philippines Terrorist Camp". I myself am filipino and became interested in the map. Realistically, on the Philippines island of Mindanao, a muslim dominant country, lie Muslim extremists known as the Abu-Sayaf, which is linked to Al Quaeda. So far, I have decided: * 1 uncapturable Coalition base with airfield * 4 Opposition CPs, all capturable They are named, so far: * Terrorist Outpost * Terrorist Camp * Air Base * Terrorist Supply Depot[/quote] Now you know all the info on these maps you can see some screenshots of them. Remember the Twin Rivers map is the grass map and Quarry map is the desert map.
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