Bullettime Mod Review!

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Published by AndrewD 16 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Hey everyone...heres another frontlines update for ya! This is once again from the all ready Jester_Tbag, and he brings the beat of another review. Check it out! Its for the Bullet-Time mod!
Alright, Neo (99% of the n00bs in BF), you're gonna dodge a bullet. Or... Maybe this very slow bullet with smoke puffs behind it... And dont even think about sniping. This mod doesnt slow down the gameplay. Onlny the bullets. You can run, jump (like it makes you invicible, or something), and swim at normal speeds. But dont expect the bullet to make it to the target on time. Let's get technical. Bullet-time: When the progression of time slows down enough so that a viewer can see a bullet. This would include the slowing of a person, too, if I'm not mistaken. This should be called the, "Slow bullet mod," or something to that effect. I was running MSN, I-Explorer, two Furcadia apps, and Kazaa. I played Berlin with 32 bots, and didnt crash. Didnt even lag. Pulled out the DP, to push the envelope... Nothing. And I'm on a three year old Intel 1.0 gig, with 256 megs of ram and a 64 meg Geforce 4 MX440. If you got a crash, I suggest putting away the 1981 Apple special edition. This would be good to LAN with, but after Berlin, I'd seen it all. Nothing but slow bullets and smoke puffs. With no real features, this mod is hard to recommend to anyone. Weighing in at about 500k, this would be a quick download. Good concept, bad application. 4/10, for doing this without lag or crashes. Next up, FH, EoD, or BG42. Whatever comes first. Later, my clown brethren.
Well, thankyou Jester! For those of you who havent tried this out its a great mod and a piece of artwork. Playing the matrix in battlefield as you will find is VERY fun! Thanks once again Jester and we look forward to future reviews! See ya on the battlefield soldiers!
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