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I'm happy to announce that the CTFE Server Manager is nearing the end of its beta testing stage and will be ready for public release soon. Here's what Brandon at CTFE has to say:[quote]Major News! CTFE Server Manager for Linux & more! January 3, 2004 I have found an investor and business partner for my programs. He is financing the development of a linux version of my server manager! We are hoping to have this product in beta within the month. This will also mean a few changes. We are going to be separating the TGBF Kicker into 2 applications. The TGBF Kicker will remain exactly the same, but it will only connect directly to BF1942 Servers. The CTFE Server Manager will be renamed. The New Server Manager will get a new website. Whatever we end up calling this Server Manager, the remote clients will be named similarly. The remote client will still resemble the Kicker and retain all its functionality and then some! These changes are being made to avoid confusion and to help more clearly identify the purpose of the programs. The licensing and pricing will change too. We are working on the business plane and will release the changes within the next few days. Everyone that has already paid for the Server Manager and Clan Licenses will not be affected in any way. Clarification: The new Client application (currently called the Kicker) will not lose any functionality. As a matter of fact, it will have even more features than it does have now. This will delay the Release of the Server Manager ever so slightly. My latest version has been very well received by the Beta testers. I just need to chop the Kicker up into a Direct Connect Version and a Client version for the server manager. This will mean that there will be no more keys for the Client Side program, which will make upgrades a lot simpler. I have added a few more cool features to the Kicker for its next release. I anticipate a demo version of the Server Manager to be released within the next week. I have so many ideas for features I could be working on this for years to come![/quote] This program looks like it will kick some major ass!
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