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'Lo all, I'm the new poster here at good old bf1942files.com and I bring you all a review written by Jester_TBAG on the newly released DC .7n, so I'll leave you all to it:
Well, it's the Wicked Jester from the House of Laughs, giving you a .7 review. Most of you probably dont need this, but I'm sort of looking for a job in public relations or review writing... Something along those lines. But anyway, I wanna start my review. Desert Combat started small. It wasnt very popular, though, quickly, it grew into a massive game, with an overly loyal fan following. I'm not the biggest fan of DC, but you have to admit... They did a damn good job. They added choppers, planes, and modern weaponry to make an entire new game, using Refractor 2. In .7n, I need to say this, it feels much more smooth, and much more balanced. Balance isnt something I look for in a game, because Ithink war isnt fair... BUT, this is a GAME. It's fun, I really enjoyed playing .7n, and I'm looking forward to more releases. The new rifle sounds are bordering on amazing. You never realize how important sounds are, untill you hear a good one. If you dont play DC, please try this version. It's beautiful, even on the lowest graphics settings. the only problems I can think of are player made; Taking a transport Blackhawk with no passengers, ect. Also, the maps have really been optimized and shapened up. They load faster, and look better. The skyboxes are all customs, too, methinks. Very good job, Trauma, and good luck with your new project at Dice. Well, the Jester is done with his review. He's now awaiting FH .6, and will give his review on that, too. Lots of love, from the House of Laughs.
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