Desert Standoff Movie Site has Opened!

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Published by AndrewD 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Hello soldiers! Here I am with another update! Well, it seems that there is a new movie site out there call Desert Standoff and they have a few words for the community! Read on soldiers! [quote] Hi, you might not all remember me or the movie so I'll give a short refresher. A year ago Kat and I came up with a full length movie idea, which we started but we didn't start organised at all. This time, we come back, totally organised and ready. The filming will start in the summer, when we all can meet. We will get the maps, the skins, the codes, the models, the actors and the camera men ready before the summer vacation starts. If you want to be in a movie, that we really hope will succeed and we will produce more like it in different mods or maybe even different games, please visit our site and register. Waiting for an email, DC2002 ;) (My new nick is Vassili) [/quote] Well, that means that you should all head over there and check it out! I can feel the movie star just gleaming out of me...HEHE! Ah...right....ummm *Slaps Myself* ANYWAYS this sounds great guys, you should all definently head over to the site! See ya on the battlefield!
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