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Published by AndrewD 15 years ago , last updated 1 year ago
Hey there soldiers! Well, we have another exclusive interview for you. Yup, just loading in the new content! This time its from the Ballistik mod, and they have sent screenshots too! This interview was done by Silent_Killer1. Read on soldiers!
Silent_Killer1- How many people are actively working on this mod at the time being? Legion- One -- myself. :) Silent_Killer1- What are the plans for the mod in the future? What can we expect on a long-term basis after this new release? Do you plan to extend on to Vietnam or Battlefield 2 in 2005? Legion- Ballistik: Vietnam is already in pre-release -- bots now throw smoke grenades, for example, and fully man some vehicles -- but there are still many bugs to work out, and I'm grateful to the members of the B.I.G. and the wider membership of PlanetBattlefield/Singleplayer's forums for assisting with the testing up to this point -- but there are many bugs left to be worked out before Ballistik: Vietnam sees its first general release. Regarding BF2 -- it remains to be seen how easy the new engine's code is to manipulate. We'll have to wait and see. Silent_Killer1- This mod focuses the enhancement of AI, do you plan make the mod so that the AI controls vechicals like a human? Legion- For the most part, they already do -- the exceptions being Ballistik: EOD and Ballistik: DCX. Helicopters are a NIGHTMARE to code flight AI for in 42. I was fortunate in that most of that already works well in DCX, but EOD's differences in chopper physics are still a bear of a challenge to understand and manipulate. All other vehicles, though, typically operate as well bot-driven as human-driven. Silent_Killer1- Are there any special features added to this new release? Legion- I can answer that question. The AI I add to any edition of Ballistik are enhanced, humanized AI and historically accurized textures. And I have to say that the credit for the textures really belongs with their creators -- I'm just the guy who selects what's already available to the public. Silent_Killer1- Could you provide me with any exclusive screenshots or info about the new release? This would be greatly appreciated. Legion- Sure here is 5 screenshots of the mod, it doesent really point the AI programing out but it gives you some what of an idea. Silent_Killer1- What mod do you plan to cover in your next release? Legion- Ah, I see. To be honest, I'm really not sure what mod I'll tackle next. I think at this stage, I'm looking at playtesting Ballistik: Vietnam and ironing out the bugs for that aftermod's first release. As for BF1942, I'm still looking for the next great project -- perhaps Ballistik: Battlegroup42 and Ballistik: Battlegroup Italia? [/i]Silent_Killer1[/i]- Anything else you would like to add? Legion- One thing I would like to add -- I've only been playing Battlefield for about a year, and only been working on Ballistik aftermods for about 2 months. It's all very new, and there are still flaws to be expected from any mod so young. As I get more experience, Ballistik will only get better and better. I'd like to thank everyone who is enjoying Ballistik now, and assure you all that as time and experience are gained, the flaws will fade and leave only the strengths. Thanks to all of you, and I'll see you on the Battlefield! :)
Well, awesome interview! Its thanks to men like Legion who keep the single player realm of Battlefield 1942 alive! Thanks man...we really appreciate it! Now, check out the exclusive screenshots, and see ya on the battlefield!
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