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Hey there soldiers! Well, its been quite a while since we have had alot of Exclusive content on the website, so I suppose that we should start off with a bang. Of the 3 interviews I have for you tonight, I will start with the [b]Forgotten Hope Interview[/b] done by [b]Silent_Killer1[/b]. Kudos to him for his hard work, and thanks for the FH team's time and efforts to answer the questions. So...read on soldiers! [i]Italics=Silent's Questions.[/i] [b]Bold=Forgotten Hope Team's Anwser To the Question.[/b] [b]July 7th, 2004---Interviewer: Silent_Killer1---Team: Forgotten Hope[/b] Tonight, we interview the [b]Forgotten Hope Mod Team[/b], and ask them a few questions on their upcoming mod release: Forgotten Hope .62. Lets see what they have to say... 1. [i]What new units are we looking at in the upcoming release?[/i] [b]The focus of our next release has always been on optimizing our current vehicles, weapons, and sounds. Working with a talented team affords us with the privilege of learning new techniques from one another. Many are cleaning up their old models or optimizing the performance and gameplay of their maps. However, our creativity certainly leads to new developments. Each nation is now supplied with its own truck: Russian Zis-5, British Bedford, and the Japanese Type 94. Fans of the Eastern Front will drool over the SU-76, KV-1, and KV-2 tanks. Flyboys can get heavy with the Tupolev TB-3, Avro Lancaster, and Wellington bombers, escorted by Hawker Hurricanes, as well as skim the Pacific waters with the Devastator torpedo bomber. Matilda and her boyfriend Sherman are getting makeovers, the list goes on and on.[/b] 2. [i]Are we looking at any new maps?[/i] [b]The first thing players will notice is that there's going to be a lot more sand in Forgotten Hope. Possibly 2 new maps in North Africa front, packed with new goodies that adds to the ambience that puts you right in the tank with the Desert Fox himself. The Afrika Korps, Roman ruins, sandstorms, trenches. Kursk, the battle of 6000 tanks, 6000 FH tanks mind you *wink* is bound to be represented in the new release as well.[/b] 3. [i]Are there any new weapons?[/i] [b]You groundpounders out there will enjoy this update. Breakthrough the German lines gangsta style, with either the 50-round drum M1928 Tommy Gun or the remodeled M1 Thompson. The Polish get some love with the Wz29 rifle, and bonzai charges can now be roused with the Katana Blade. The Germans get refitted with the new and improved K98 rifle and the deadly Panzerfaust. And we've all been waiting for the FG42 and Browning .30cal machine guns, right?[/b] 4. [i]Are there any special features added to this new release?[/i] [b]Again, our next release is primarily focused on optimization and not so much on special features. But I'm sure most of our fans will be out there looking for the truth, for it is out there We also want to please our fans to give them what is possible. More tanks, more planes, more weapons. Some people would die for a Panzer III as the sole update, others a revamped flight code or better game balance. In this update, we're looking to polish ourselves into a well-rounded mod, to strengthen our base for the future as well as enough new material to keep it fresh.[/b] 5. [i]How many people are actively working on this mod at the time being?[/i] [b]We've been anticipating the coming of summer ever since the last release this spring. Times haven't changed because real life still is real in the summertime. Thankfully, we've got about 20 or so active members who can chip in when they can from time to time; everyone is treated as an equal.[/b] 6. [i]What are the plans for the mod in the future? What can we expect on a long-term basis after this new release? Do you plan to extend on to Vietnam or Battlefield 2 in 2005?[/i] [b]I think the immediate goal of the mod is to continue our good fortune in working together to help realize a dream many of us have had for a long time. Where that leads us can be tempting to speculate about, but it's clearly secondary to maintaning our teamwork and brotherhood we've forged the last 2 years in sharing our dream with the rest of you. Forgotten Hope is here to stay.[/b] 7. [i]Could you provide me with any exclusive screenshots of the new release? This would be greatly appreciated.[/i] [b]Screenshot descriptions: Piper1.jpg - Piper reconnaissance plane, exterior. Piper2.jpg - Piper interior. Satchel.jpg - The new satchel charge that replaces the expack, in action. Wz29.jpg - Polish rifle in action.[/b] 8. [i]Anything else you would like to add?[/i] [b]"It will be done when it is done" :P We're working as hard as we possibly can to get all this to you as soon as we can. Thank you Silent_Killer1![/b] Yes, thankyou Silent_Killer1 indeed! And thankyou to the Forgotten Hope Team for answering those questions! We are proud to have a mod such as yours in the community! Now, feast your eyes on some exclusive content! See ya on the battlefield soldiers, and look out for 2 more interviews in a few minutes!

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