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Yup, thats right soldiers! The 3rd and final interview for tonight, this time, done with the [b]Professional Idiots Team![/b] These guys are known for their superb stunt videos and wacky ideas that just make you wanna laugh! This is once again done by [b]Captain_Hastings[/b]! Lets get started! [u]I recently sat down at my computer and interviewed Lord Dukington, head of the Professional Idiots.[/u] Q: [i]Okay how did you come up with the name Professional Idiots?[/i] [b]A: Well there’s not much of a story behind that. One day me and Aidan were deciding on what we should call the movie and by looking over the movie we decided it was quite idiotic and decided it to be called Professional Idiots[/b] Q: [i]How long have you guys been together?[/i] [b]A: Im not sure I think it was around November 2003 when we first met.[/b] Q: [i]Why did you decide to make stunt movies instead of like a mod?[/i] [b]A: Well frankly mods seem very, very complicated to make and I’ve always been fond of movies and I wanted to try make one so I teamed up with Aidan we made a movie for the fun of it -Professional idiots.[/b] Q: [i]Is it hard to keep the group doing their jobs in your movies?[/i] [b]A: Well everyone is willing to help. We have our good days and our bad days and I find it hard to keep up the progress of the movie.(we all need our breaks). Also just abuse from A person who shall not be named has also put affected our progress (but not by much). At the moment there is nothing currently happening with professional idiots productions we are still deciding what we should do with our next movie. eg. Stunts or one with a plot....any way Id say it isn’t that hard to keep everyone doing their part. Its all about being organized.[/b] Q: [i]What special stunts do you think are unique to the Professional Idiots?[/i] [b]A: Well I know people say ohh theyre old stunts and that isn’t hard pulling off, it’s just the humor of the stunts that we find the most appealing.[/b] Q: [i]What mods do you use in movies, if any?[/i] [b]A: Well its stated in Professional Idiots 2 but we use: Interstate `82, stunts mod, an experimental mod from one of my friends and vanilla bf for Most of our plane stunts (flips etc)[/b] Q: [i]What are your favorite vehicles for stunting?[/i] [b]A: Every one of the vehicles In BF1942[/b] Q: [i]Do you ever use any custom maps for your movies?[/i] [b]A: Well id like to but usually there isnt a server for the specific map and my pc isnt the best for hosting my own server.[/b] Q: [i]Who is on your team?[/i] [b]A: Me (Lord Dukington), Aidan777, ::tKa|rS:: POOSE and recently I hired a few more people but I am still not sure if they are filling in permanently there names are: DEEP FREEZER, General Hack and others are to be advised....[/b] Q: [i]Is there anything else you want people to know about the Professional Idiots?[/i] [b]A: Yes. We are in need of a talented script writer for movies. Or if you are creating a mod or are in a clan and want a Promo movie we are glad to make a movie for you providing you have a script. And lastly there is a certain person out there who claims he has made a website for us. IGNORE HIM he has nothing to do with us. Thanks you for your support and thanks for the interview Captain_Hastings and Bf1942files.com[/b] (Quote from Captain_Hastings:) [b]Well thanks Lord Dukington for doing this awesome interview. I had a great time doing it. It was really fun to talk to him and I can’t wait to see their next project. Oh and by the way everyone, he did it at 3 AM!!!![/b] Well! Once again, thanks to CH for pulling out the time to do the interview, and the same gratitudes are extended to the Professional Idiots team! We look forward to future work, and thanks for the interview! See ya on the battlefield soldiers!

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