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I had the opportunity this past weekend to playtest the Transformer's mod with several members of the mod's dev team. As the team's leader BumbleBee has asked, I've written up a review of the mod and my thought on it. First Impressions: WOW! I felt like I was taken back to the eighties watching cartoons as a kid. The feel of this mod is definately the best part. From the sounds to the visuals, nearly everything is Transformers. I thought to myself, now only if the gameplay was as good as what the rest of the mod looks like. Well let's find out... Visuals: 8/10 Playing on the totally custom map that is provided was an eyeopening experience. Nearly every last detail on that map was custom built. The skybox looked absolutely stunning and the terrain was just as interesting. While this one map was a complete conversion of all things Battlefield, I was left craving more of it. Although I'm sure there will be more custom maps in the future. The second custom map used mostly vanilla Battlefield objects in it. The lack of customs on that map is quickly forgotten with the exciting "paintball" feel to it. This one can definately be fun with 10-12 players on it. Sounds: 10/10 As much as I'd love to record my own voice sounding out the noises along with the mod, I restrained myself. Nearly every sound is new or from the TV series. The transformation noise, the "F-Key" voices, and the gun sounds are all authentic to the show. Gameplay: 8/10 This is what can really make or break a mod. Luckily, the Transformers mod seems to have gotten this part dead on. While there are only two custom maps aside from the original BF1942 ones, the mod really shines with more than 6 people on a server. I had an absolute blast running, driving, and transforming around while getting shot at with nearly everything imaginable. You actually feel like an Autobot while the Decepticons are shooting their lasers at you. Overall: 8.5/10 With this only being the first release, I can honestly say that I was satisfied with what they have accomplished here. Anyone doubting me only has to give it a try to see how much fun it can be. I am really looking forward to seeing what else they can come up with next. Especially some more maps along the lines of what they have now. Thanks to the Transformers team for allowing me this opportunity to preview their mod. I wish them the best of luck with their public release! - Big_Daddy
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