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Hey there soldiers! Here is tonights interview #2. Our next two interviews have been done by [b]Captain_Hastings![/b]. In this interview, we sit down with the developer of [b]Who Dares Wins![/b] So, read on soldiers, and enjoy! Q: [i]How did you come up with the name Who Dares Wins?[/i] [b]A: It's the motto of the British Special Air Service, One of the best special forces units in the world.[/b] Q: [i]How long have you worked on this mod?[/i] [b]A: I started in August 2003.[/b] Q: [i]What is this mod about?[/i] [b]A: Post-Vietnam special operations warfare.[/b] Q:[i] What gave you the idea for this topic?[/i] [b]A: It's a long story. I was thinking about how cool a game would be that focused on real-life special operations and then I thought, "hey why don't I make one?"[/b] Q: [i]What things or people inspired you to make this mod?[/i] [b]A: I had barely heard of Call of Duty and thought it was about post-Vietnam special ops. Yes it’s funny I know.[/b] Q: [i]Is making this mod hard?[/i] [b]A: Yes, and tedious too. But it gets easier as you get better at it.[/b] Q: [i]What cool or unique features will this mod have?[/i] A: [b]Automated aircraft, remote-controlled drone aircraft, ability to call in air strikes with binoculars, automated bombs, destroyable ammunition bunkers and much more![/b] Q: [i]What kind of vehicles will this mod have?[/i] [b]A: Right now we mostly have light vehicles, such as Humvees, Land Rovers, Technical pickups (mounting various MGs and antitank missiles) and trucks. We also have F/A-18 and MiG-25 fighter aircraft, a B-52 bomber and a T-55 tank, as well as Littlebird and Blackhawk helicopters.[/b] Q: [i]What kind of terrain do your maps have?[/i] [b]A: Depends on the map. Some maps are urban and others are in the desert. Others are in mountains. In future releases we will have jungle maps in places like Panama and Grenada.[/b] Q: [i]Are there any new skins?[/i] [b]A: Of course![/b] Q: [i]Are you making new models or just improving upon the original Battlefield models?[/i] [b]A: We've got tons of new models and hundreds of custom static objects.[/b] Q: [i]When is this mod due to be released?[/i] [b]A: We just started Beta testing, so it will be soon![/b] Q: [i]Is there anything else you want people to know?[/i] [b]A: Yes. We aren't a DC clone. We have about 50 different hand weapons, from the M4 to the AKMS to a suicide bomb, which is way more than DC. The game play is completely different from DC. The focus is on infantry combat in this mod, with support vehicles to get you places fast and provide some MG support.[/b] (Quote from Captain_Hastings:) Sweet! I am definitely looking forward to its release! I would like to thank him for doing the interview and DDDAndrew for letting me be an interviewer. See ya’ll on the battlefield! – Captain_Hastings Well! Thanks very much CH! We appreciate the time taken to do the interview, and we thank the WDW Team for their efforts to do the interview as well! Thanks guys! See ya on the battlefield!

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