First info about Kato Arabel's new Battlefield movie!

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Published by Mr. Greg 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
You may remember Kato's first big BF movie, [URL=]Gunmetal: Racer's Edge[/URL]. Well, he's back, and is tackling another project. He gave me some info about the movie, and a promotional poster of it. Here's what he had to say: [quote]The days of the great films of Battlefield 1942 is about to return, with the latest 10-episode webseries in early development for final production. According to's webmaster, the filmmaker of DESERT WARFARE: In The End, WAR: What is it Good For?, and the last release of KA Filmworks, GUNMETAL: Racer's Edge, has signed on to head Aydemir Films' Machinima department in the latest upcoming film production: BIOHAZARD. BIOHAZARD takes place in today's Iraq, with the latest military operation capturing a very volatile SCUD missile that contains the most dangerous chemical known to man. The operation that progresses through BIOHAZARD's 10 episodes will follow the military's mission to transport the SCUD safely to a dismantling facility to prevent the missile from being used. This is a very welcome departure from the overly-used "Soldier-gets-captured-good-guys-rescue-him" scenario. The first three episode titles have been decided. Ep. 1: Danger/Zone Ep. 2: Command/Order Ep. 3: High/Speed [/quote]
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