Galactic Conquest Featured on X-Play!!!

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Yep, everyone's favorite Star Wars mod for BF1942 was featured on X-Play today, check out the X-Play website.,24330,3673418,00.html Here's a little bit of taste of what they said about it :D [quote]You've stormed the beaches at Normandy more times than you care to count. You know every pothole in the road to Rome. And those secret weapons have lost their forbidden luster. If WWII no longer floats your boat, why not take the war to the stars? Pilot the Millennium Falcon "Galactic Conquest" is a "Star Wars" mod for "Battlefield 1942" that transplants the action into a galaxy far, far away. Free to download, it was designed by a development team called Prolific Games. It's a total conversion, which means everything in the game is transmuted into "Star Wars" paraphernalia. You can take control of lot of vehicles, including land speeders, X-wings, snow speeders, speeder bikes, and even the Millennium Falcon. Sadly, you can't drive the AT-ATs; you can only take cover behind them. [/quote] There is a lot more on their site, so you guys that haven't checked out GC just because its Star Wars, then i suggest you read their review of it and try it out.
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