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There is a rather nice review at [url=]GameSpot[/url] about Battlefield and the map Kharkov! Here is some background on the map the take a look at and the general strategy: [quote] The victory at Kharkov provided the Germans with the stepping stone they needed to launch their offensive against Stalingrad the following month, when the fiercest fighting of the Eastern front took place. In the game itself, Kharkov is a large map shaped like an inverted "U". The Germans and Russians start on either side of the map, and both sides are tasked with capturing a series of control points that are spread throughout the destroyed husks of Kharkov's buildings, which are located in and around the center of this level. The task of capturing these points is perhaps a little tougher for the Germans, since they have to cross a river in order to get to the central part of the city, and the bridge acts as a choke point. Regardless, the control points are the same distance from the starting areas of both teams, so a mad rush to reach the center of the map almost always ensues at the start. [/quote] Not much longer guys and gals! Just a note, drop a line by the forums and join in the various discusions or just to say "Hi"! You can find a link just to your left in the nav bar.
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