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Published by Mr. Greg 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Kato has posted news about the next project of KA Filmworks, Gunmetal: Underground, in their forums. Here's what he had to say: [quote]After Racer's Edge marginal success, KA Filmworks has begun preproduction and development on the prequel series: GUNMETAL: Underground It consists of 10 mini-series episodes that will make up the full story of Underground. This list will be updated as a script/storyline is added. Episode 1: Escape from Alcatraz Shiro, the main character, is in prison. When the Vigilantes come to break him out, he has to deal with the U.S. Military Humvees that are set up. After the breakout he meets with Big-D, the leader of the Vigilantes. A deal is struck...Shiro must defeat Big-D in a one-on-one race through San Francisco to earn admission into the Vigilantes! Episode 2: The Initation This episode, Shiro races against Big-D, the leader of the Vigilantes in a free-for-all race through San Francisco to gain admission as a member of the gang. In the meantime, U.S. soldiers raid a Kingpin hideout, capturing Scott Matthews for interrogation. Episode 3: Episode 4: Episode 5: Episode 6: Episode 7: Episode 8: Episode 9: Episode 10: The Deal with the Devil This episode depicts Shiro making a deal with the Kingpin leader to protect the lives of the innocents, and the theft of an Iraqi Mi-24 Hind from the U.S. military impound. Episode 11: GUNMETAL: Racer's Edge ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Character Biographies - To be updated as more data is created. Vigilante: Shiro Mariku Main Character - Top driver for the Vigilantes Age: 24 Skills: Hotwiring cars, racing. Background: An immigrant to the USA when he was 6, Shiro grew up in the ghetto of Chicago. After passing school with above average grades Shiro decided he needed to do something with his life. He needed speed, adrenaline, and action. Searching throughout the various car clubs he stumbled upon a man named Tony… Darius Langstaff Main Character - Leader of the Vigilante Gang Age: 46 Skills: Leadership, mastermind. Background: Darius or “Big-D” as the gang calls him founded the Vigilante when he was 22. As a high school drop-out crime was the only job Big-D knows, and he knows it well. Always up for a good race for entertainment he demands the best and only the best get into the Vigilantes! Jack Robinson Main Character - The Fixer Age: 28 Skills: Weapons Specialist, Gunshop owner. Background: Jack grew up in a military family, so naturally he had an interest in weapons and explosives. When he was 13 he created his first landmine and tested it on the neighbor’s cat. After he graduated from school he spent 4 years with the marines. He got bored not blowing stuff up all the time and roamed the streets and bars looking for a fight, or at least somewhere where he could use his “talents.” Vladamir Cheknov Main Character - The Soldier Age: 38 Skills: Tactical genius. Military knowledge. Background: Vladamir grew up in poverty like most Russians. When he was 18 he was drafted into the Soviet Military. He served in Chechnya and learned the ways of war. During the war a friend came up to him and told him about a gangster that could use a few experienced hands… Tony Boriego Main Character - The Street Racer Age: 36 Skills: Driving high-performance racing vehicles. Intimidation. Background: Tony grew up in Chicago’s middle class society. Because of the poor schools though he was introduced to gangs. At the age of 17 he stole a BMW 325i and led the police on a chase for over 8 hours before losing them outside the city. He is a friend of Shiro's. Kingpin: Scott Mathews Main Character - The Kingpin. Age: 31 Skills: Driving high-performance racing vehicles. Background: Scott Mathews grew up in Queens, NY, but spent most of his time in the Bronx. After joining the Kingpins at the age of 19, the gang moved their base of operations to Chicago. He considers Shiro as a rival racer. Harry Trueblood Main Character Age: 52 Skills: Terrorism, leadership. Background: Harry grew up in Dublin Ireland and immigrated to the USA when the British came to quell the IRA uprisings. He made a living terrorizing the streets of New York. Always fascinated by exotic cars he started his own car gang. Now they’re a large gang conglomerate. Ahmed Sharma Main Character - The Terrorist Age: 37 Skills: Terrorism, weapons expert. Background: Ahmed Sharma is your average terrorist. While his terrorist cell was planning attacks on the United States' land, government agents raided their complex. Ahmed was the only one to escape. He joined the Kingpins because he can create chaos on US soil with them and get some hot chicks in the process! USA: Spencer Freeman Main Character - The CIA Agent. Age: 45 Skills: Marksmanship, intimidation, interrogation. Background: When his older brother was killed by terrorists while on vacation in Egypt Spencer vowed to take revenge rooting out all the scum of the earth. He joined up with the Marines right after graduating from high school. During his military career he excelled at firearms and marksmanship, and was offered a position in the SEALs and Delta Force. He turned both down and instead took a job working for the CIA. Joe Thorton Main Character - The CIA Agent. Age: 40 Skills: Observation, logic, patience. Background: Formerly an Army sniper Joe joined up with the CIA to serve his country better. After hearing Spence’s story Joe wants to protect as many Americans as he can from terrorism. He’s Spencer’s sidekick. Brigadier General Arnold Himmler Main Character - The U.S. General. Age: 56 Skills: Military Tactician, weapons expert. Counter-terrorism. Background: Formerly a high school football star General Arnold wanted to keep himself in peak shape, so he joined the Army Rangers. Through the Rangers he served in the Gulf War, where his superiors noticed his determination, and leadership capabilities. He is currently helping Spencer and Joe try and thwart a rumor that a gang will be breaking into one of the federal armories under his control and steal weapons.[/quote] Kato's taking suggestions, and would like Mappers, Skinners ,and Coders to help develop the Custom-ness that he needs to deliver a spectacular movie experience. Take a look at his forums [URL=]Here[/URL] for more info...
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