Huge Battlefield Vietnam interview!

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Our friends over at [url="http://www.planetbattlefield.com/"]Planet Battlefield[/url] have done an amazing interview with the head cheese from BF:V heres a small excerpt [quote][b]PBF[/b]: Will Battlefield 1942 mods still work within Battlefield Vietnam? If not, what insight can you give about the conversion to the new game? [b]AJ[/b]: Unfortunately no current mod will work with BFV. The rendering engine precludes the use of any art create for the old system. The 3d meshes can still be used as a basis, but from their up it?s a different process. For most of our models, we created high poly versions in order to generate the normal maps, which are on almost every object in the game. For the terrain, the map builders will have to deal with the undergrowth (grasses, etc) and the overgrowth (trees, tables and chairs, etc). These three systems are the biggest changes. In addition to that, there have been numerous alterations to other systems in the game, such as the way parameters are defined, etc. The mod community will be able to figure it out easily enough. [b]PBF[/b]: What are the minimum requirements for a computer to run Battlefield: Vietnam? [b]AJ[/b]:: The minimum specs are Pentium III/933Mhz, 64meg Geforce 3 (or comparable), with 256 megs of RAM. [b]PBF[/b]: Do you have a set date for release yet? [b]AJ[/b]: We don?t have an exact day set, but we are going to ship in [b]March[/b].[/quote] You can read the full interview [url="http://www.planetbattlefield.com/bfv/features/articles/bfv1"]Here[/url] and thanks to [url="http://www.planetbattlefield.com/"]PBF[/url] and [b]-1313-Evil_Homer[/b] for this awesome interview!

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