HUGE EoD Preview Update!!!!!!!

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Hello again everyone this is DDDandrew with an AWESOME JAW DROPPING EoD update! This is one of the biggest and your gonna love it! This update has many screenshots of the new maps that will be featured + descriptions of them! Read on soldiers! Please give me a while to upload all the pictures! Thanks! [quote] Operation Linebacker Background of this operation is a no flight zone cast over North Vietnam on April 6 1972. During that time attacks peaked in the southern parts. One or two months into Operation Linebacker the Navy had commited roughly 60% of all sorties. The objective in this scenario is to destroy an industrial complex and three SA-2 guided missile sites. Along with the A-4 Skyhawk and the F-4 Phantom II this goal can be accomplished. »Operation Hastings Operation Hastings lasted from July 15 till August 3 1966. The mission was set up against infiltration of NVA forces from the north through the DMZ. The US forces are starting their operation from two bases in the southern part of the map. Their goal was to destroy the 324 NVA division. Due to the geographic layout of the map the user is presented a wide variety of battlefileds. Both sides are having access to tanks, planes, and helicopters. Operation Hastings caused 824 causalities and 14 POWs for the NVA >>Run through the Jungle This map's goal are 5 AA sites which the NVA must defend and the US have to destroy. The reason for this operation is a shot down helicopter that crashed between the enemy lines. The US Special Forces are starting in the north of the map, heading south, following the river to take out the aforementioned AA sites. This map does not feature heavily armored vehicles and thus enforces infantry combat. Two M113 are acting as mobile spawnpoints. The NVA wins this map if they can prevent the US from destroying the AA sites. The named objects (last image, to the left above) are stretching out behind the own base, adding further difficulty to the US' mission. »Truong Son Chasm This map engagens NVA and ARVN troups. A river with three bridges (one stone, two rope bridges) is deviding the map in two. Both sides need to get across the river in order to conquer the enemy bases by using trucks and jeeps. There are two roads to each of the bases. One road is leading through a patch of wood, that can't be crossed by other means than on foot. The other road can be used with vehicles, but again close combat is promoted by the map's layout. »Brown Water Navy This map is one of the larger maps in EoD 0.3. In it's real world counterpart this area, the Mekong delta, was the arena for NVA and US Special Forces. The PBR's (Patrol Boat, River) used to be the backbone of said Special Forces during the Vietnam War in the green hell of the Mekong delta. By using the PBR's it is possible to successfully conquer the islands, that are interconnected by a network of bridges. The NVA use their sampans to get through the delta. The main base has a good amount of artillery. The strategically important points should be conquered quite fast if you don't want to be hammered down by enemy shelling. Within each main base you will find tanks, jeeps, trucks, and helicopters armed with aerial rockets and bombs. [/quote] HOLY SHAMOLEY!! These sound awesome, but see for your self community! They look even better! Pictures are below but there are only about 80% of them there, go to the website to see more! EXCELLENT work EoD, we are totally looking forward to the next release and keep us up to date! See everyone on the battlefield!

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