IGN Gets Battlefield 1942 Hands-On

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[i][b]They battle in Stalingrad, Kursk, Iwo Jima, Bocage and Omaha Beach...and live to tell the tale.[/b][/i] Three lucky IGN guys packed up and boarded the "USS Hornet aircraft carrier in Alameda, California" to play some lan action, and they come back with pics and map info! [quote]Even the huge Omaha Beach level in Allied Assault doesn't come close to the scale of what we played last night. This huge map sees the US starting on a Destroyer invading the Germans, who are entrenched in the cliffs above the beach. There are no planes on Omaha, so you'll have to take the beach on foot. Luckily for the Allies there's a tank and a jeep available if they can make it to the sand, which is difficult because of the constant machine gun fire laid down by the Germans on the hill above. There's a capture point on the beach, which the Allies can spawn at if they take it, but it's hard to get. [/quote] [i]Drool...[/i] Read about the other maps and their war stories [url=http://pc.ign.com/articles/368/368840p1.html]Here![/url]
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