IS82X Update

18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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The Interstate '82X mod has a brand new update for us today. They appear to have moved away from the racing side of the mod and more into vehicle combat. Check it out, [quote] There has been a silence since last time we made a news announcement and with a good reason, we have changed the aim for this mod completely! We have dropped the little support for racing we had completely and are now focusing 100% on battle but not any kind of battle, auto combat. We are going to remake some of the original maps and many of the original weapons. But to accomplish the latter, we need more developers to help us unwrap, skin, code and import it to the game engine. We currently don’t have anyone with the skill to code or import the content we make properly so there is a bottleneck at this point. What we also have decided is that we will not include all our work in the first release but do a release on Battlefield 1942 to show that we can work together and release content, we will then move on to work on the Battlefield 2 engine which we se have a much better specter of features for us to utilize. We have also removed most of our testers from the tester list, so we are once again seeking testers for our renewed modification. And as this news release draws to an end, I would personally like to thank the-fragclub.de for lending us a test server, they have been great both in supporting us and helping us maintain it. It is running the modification interstate 1982 when we are not testing on it so everyone is welcome to play battle maps on it. The stats are tracked from it in case you want to see how your interstate battle skills is compared to the rest, and these stats are located on our website. The images below show our 2 skinned weapons, the GasLauncher(which shoots burning petrol) and the FireRite DF Rocket, a rocket pack with 8 rockets for death and destruction. The map images are from the maps named "Brownfield" and "The Crater" both by [b]Rampage[/b]. As a special, we have reskinned the original Camaroz with I76 colors and armed it with our weapons. [/quote] Hopefully everything goes well and we'll see this awesome new mod soon. Great work guys!

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