Its time to help out one of our own!*UPDATED*

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Hi guys/gals a terrible tragedy has happened to a member of the gaming community and as such a kick ass community i am asking for your help in supporting =HPSF=Zgggy get back on his and his familys feet! Here is the incident
For those that may not know, =HPSF=Zgggy lost his home to a fire. He recieved 3rd degree burns to his hands legs and feet. The Red Cross has put his family in a hotel and gave them some cloths. Please scrape up anything you can and send it. Its times like these that make a community strong. Lets get Zgggy some help. Send your donation to this link right HERE Send whatever you can. Your help will be greatly appreciated. When your done, log into the =HPSF= forum and let us know so we can thank you. Thanks, Jerry "RMP" Longbine.
Now the reason i am asking for your guys help is i have gone through a house burning down myself, fortunetly i did not receive injuries but the experience of losing everything you own is something i would not wish on my worst enemy! So i am asking you guys to donate whatever you can to help him out, i am trying to work out a deal to get him a new gaming rig so if any of you own a computer store and can help with that or even if you have lots of cash send me an email at and we will see if we can work something out :) And to pro-filer when you read this could you possibly post network wide just to get the word out for me? if so a thousand thanks if not no worries!-god7399 Again here is the paypal link HERE And here is the link to bfjamz Click me Also the link to the thread that is keeping a running tally on the total and the list of donators Click here *update* if you have any kind of a donation be it clothing or money but dont have access to paypal send me an email and we will get it to him and his family anyway we can! *update#2* and i quote
my god guys and girls, my wife and myself are in tears. we will never in a million years be able to express to u all the thx and complete overwhelming feeling of friendship the battlefield community has shown. i am shocked and unable to express the way i feel. THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART I AM FOREVER GRATEFULL. =HPSF=zgggy roger c
*update#3* and i
Thanks everyone. i am overwelmd. i was renting and i didnt have renters insurance dumb me huh!! the house was my grandparents and was the home my mother grew up in so it was an older home but had great sintamental value. my grandparents did have insurance and they will rebuild but it will be awhile. i am just happy noone was hurt or killed as it happend at 2am and we were all sleeping. i got very lucky and found a home in the same neighborhood so my kids didnt lose no friends and they are not too screwdup by all this. i am just so bowled over by the response from this great community. i realy dont know what words would possibley describe how we feel thank you all soooooooo much. =HPSF=zgggy roger c
Running tally so far: $1810.79-awesome guys keep it up!
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