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I've been looking around, ever on the prowl for important information, and I've been seeing more and more posted about adjusting sound settings in order to help clear up some of the Battlefield lag a lot of us are experiencing. I've got onboard sound - I know.. don't laugh, I'm fragile - and lag has been a pretty big factor for me. I've dropped my audio settings down to really pathetic levels and it [b]did[/b] improve performance, although not too much because hey.. I'm using onboard sound. I'd probably get a smoother ride using morse code. Other people, however, are having great success by going in and showing those audio settings who's boss. In a week or two I'll be upgrading my pc because it is in dire need of it, and an Audigy Platinum soundcard will be part of that. I'll add a post in the forums to let you know what kind of performance increase I see, if any (and there better be an increase. ;] ) Now for the fix. If all your other hardware is pretty decent yet you still get laggy gameplay, odds are you might be having an audio problem. The game likes to default to fairly high quality settings, so first you want to drop that down a bit. 44 hz down to 22 hz seems to be the popular adjustment, and bump your channels down to around the 22 area. Play around with your sound settings, and don't be afraid to adjust the hell out of 'em. Hopefully some of you out there will benefit at least a little from this. Good luck. :agreed:
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