Lt. Brick's releasing new BFV Movie

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[i][b]The Vietnam Connection[/b][/i] Yep, you heard right, our old friend, Lt. Bricks is releasing a BFV movie. You may remember his work on a film called WW2: Back to the Beach. Well, he's back again. Note that this film will also be the only [i]real[/i] BFV movie to be released so far. It'll also be equipped with a fully scripted story, plot, actors, voiceovers, full environmental sounds and kickass soundtrack. This is also Bricks' only movie in a LONG LONG time, want to know why you haven't heard so much of it? Well he's been trying to keep the publicity down 'till now. I'd tell you more about it, but if i did i'd have to kill you. Just a reminder to solve any confusion, the movie [b]IS[/b] indeed done and will be released shortly. Bricks has also been nice enough to supply BF1942Files with some screens of his movie, enjoy, soldiers! :D:D
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