Merciless Creations has released Merciless 1942 1.6!

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Published by takiwa 17 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
The wait is finally over, [b]Merciless 1942 1.6[/b] is ready for download and quality action awaits you... We hope you enjoy campaigning across the [b]NEW[/b] battlefields of Merciless Creations Version 1.6. [b]**First please remove All previous version of Merciless from your Battlefield 1942 folder.**[/b] [u]Here is a list of [b]some[/b] of the changes since MC1942 V4.1.4:[/u] - New Textures for all original 1942 Maps - Updated Textures for already released Free EA maps - New loaderscreen for Liberation of Caen - New Loaderscreen for Invasion of the Philippines - Fixed loaderscreen for Operation Market Garden - Fixed loaderscreen for Iwo Jima - Improved AI for Coral Sea - Improved AI for Aberdeen - Improved AI for Barbarossa - New AI for Liberation of Caen - New AI for Invasion of the Philippines - Fixed "Mount Suribayachi" to "Mount Suribachi" radio commands in Iwo Jima - Large Canadian flag for uncap base on Liberation of Caen - New easy-to-use switcher for pure/unpure servers - Winter conversion of Stalingrad - Winter conversion of Kharkov - Updated MC map with AI: Kasserine Pass - New map with AI: Truk - New MC Game launcher [u]If you have any problems or questions, please visit us at the Forums…link Available at the end of page..[/u] We know you will enjoy playing, and exploring Merciless Creations Detailed update for Battlefield1942. Play it the way it was meant to be played...Mercilessly! [b]Merciless Development Team[/b] Please visit us at our Forums for any help you need, or to find out information on: MCSP (The ultimate Single player conversion for Battlefield 1942.) Link to our Forum at :[url=""][/url]
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