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Hey everyone its DDDandrew here with another exciting news story. This time its an interview from the guys over at Mod N Mods! They have recently taken the time to interview the Homefront Mod team. Here is the interview, check it out soldiers! [quote] Interview by: limestallc Mod representative: BGT Date submited: Feb 15, 2004 Q. First of all for those of us who don’t know what is Home Front? A. Home Front is revolutionary modification for Battlefield 1942. Home Front is Science Fiction based mod. Humanities Home Front is being invaded, and its up to you to either conquer humanity or save it. With the 64 person environment Home Front delivers a unique experience to the player. There will be a large variety of vehicles, Maps, weapons and game play. Such as Space combat, Capital ship combat, and more things you’ve never seen in a video game. Q. Tell me a little but about yourself, where do you live, what do you do on the mod? A. Well I am an aspiring game designer. I love creating new things for video games; I have been for a long time. I currently lead the Home Front team but I do lots of work for it too. Such as optimizing, minor coding, some modeling. Q. Exactly how big is the Home Front team? A. We have 15 full time members, and a total of 21. Q. Why did you choose the name “Home Front”? A. Well the mod is based around the Covenant heading towards the humans “Home Front”, And you must either fight to defend earth and the Inner colonies or attack them. Q. How long has Home Front been in development? A. About 5 months Q. Have you had any legal trouble with Microsoft and/or Bungie? A. No Q. Why did you choose to use BF1942 instead of Quake 3 or UT2K3? A. Quake 3 and UT2K3 are great games indeed, but the Refractor II engine of battlefield had all the elements we needed, and was somewhat easier to mod for. Q. Why did you choose Halo as a theme for a mod? A. Halo is a great game, one of the best I’ve ever played. The only downfalls of the game are its somewhat repetitive levels, and the size of the levels. Both of which we hope to improve on and have some fun doing so. If you have read the Halo books you would know that the Halo universe is very big and action packed, so playing levels on other inhabited worlds and in space help us create our own battles instead of reading the same ones over from the book. Q. Would you explain the available game modes? A. Currently only conquest mode is available in which the Covenant and UNSC fight for superiority of important places like cities and bases. However in future releases we will have other gameplay modes, which I think everyone will like. Q. The maps and battles on Home Front are very large is it hard to work on something with that kind of scale in mind? A. Well it was somewhat difficult, if you've ever played Halo you would know that the levels are pretty small is relation to the levels you see in Battlefield. If you are lucky enough to of seen the early 2001 E3 footage however you would realize Halo was originally planned to be played out in large environments about the size of Battlefields. So we do get some ideas from this early footage, but most of our ideas come from the Halo books. For example Alpha Base and Cote D Azur are both battles fought in the Halo books "The Fall of Reach" and "The Flood". Q. Would you please explain the differences in the two sides? A. Well the human side is the UNSC or United Nations Space Core. This side right now consists of only Spartan IIs, which are badass marines with some small cybernetic enhancements and biological augmentation. They're as strong as the incredible hulk but alot smaller and nicer. The UNSC units consist of wheeled vehicles and standard gunpowder firearms. No fancy lasers or teleporters. Now the aliens, called the Covenant, right now only has the Elite warrior. This is the Spartan II's alien counterpart; they are very tall and strong by nature however. Their attitudes are that of Klingons with their will to die in battle and never retreat. Their vehicles rely on hover technology and plasma projectiles. Think of it as liquid fire that burns your flesh off instantly. Q. I noticed you added a lot of weapons that weren’t in halo would you please explain why? A. Well Halo was made for a single player and very small multiplayer games. Nothing to the scale that Battlefield allows. So for the sake of gameplay and fun we decided to add a few weapons seen in Halo 2 footage and some that were designed by us after reading the Halo books. All the new weapons, as well as the existing ones are really fun to play with. Q. Why did you choose Elites as the primary Covenant unit? A. They are the equivalent to Spartans. They are relatively the same height and strength, along with armor and health. Q. Would you please explain how the weapon and vehicle system works, and how it is balanced? A. Well every side has its advantages and disadvantages. The human weapons are limited by ammo clips. While the covenant have no clips but can over heat. The vehicle system works in sort of the same way. Q. Would you say that all of your goals for the last release were completed? A. I would. We got alot of content out, with very few, minor bugs. I'm glad we ironed most of them out with testing and we later released a patch that virtually fixed all lag as well as adding some new code and models. Q. What features are you working on implementing at this time? A. A lot of very cool things such as space combat, Capital ship combat. And, many other things never seen before in a video game. Q. What was you’re biggest challenge in making the mod? A. Getting a good team together, we often had people applying saying they could do something, but then when it came time for them to do it, they were too busy, or flat out admitted they lied. After awhile we got a great team going though, and now we're snowballing, that is getting bigger and better, like a snowball rolling down a hill. Q. Anything else you would like to add? A. Yea, Check back at the site every 2 days or so, our come talk to us in the forum, I answer every question I can. Also .2 will be out in a couple of weeks, and it’ll be everything you’ve ever wanted from us! [/quote] Well, this is an interesting interview and alot of it gives us a more vital direction to where the mod is going! Good job Mod N Mods AND great job to the Homefront team! See everyone on the battlefield!

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