New Final Fantasy Mod In The Works

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We have recieved an email today concerning a new mod for both Vietnam and 1942 centered around the Final Fantasy games. Read on, [quote] New Mod called "Final Front (working title)" is being started, it will be for BF1942 and BFV Here are the ideas for the mod, these are from one of my team members on the mod team, he is CountChocula. The mod is based on Final Fantasy, and is a mix of FF7, FF9, and FF10 and maybe more. The Ideas: Teams- Shinra VS AVALANCE or something simple, like Good VS Evil Classes- SOLDIER: sword, MG (Like on FF7, the MP's in the beginning had MG's), materia (grenade) Swordsman: sword (maybe with right click being a block?), materia, deployable vehicle Engineer: sword, rifle (like the monks had on FF10), wrench, dynamite, trap materia (mine) Fighter: fists (maybe?), medic pack, Flamethrower like some of the monks had on FF10 Dragoon: lance, materia (not like grenades, fires a projectile like Bolt II) Sorry, thats all i could think of... Vehicles- Good- Chocobos! The Highwind A buggy (like on FF7) The Submarine from FF7 The Tiny Bronco (again, FF7) Motorcycle (FF7) Evil- Chocobos Robots (From FF7) Motorcycles The Invincible (I think was the name... the enemy's airship on FF9) Monsters (If possible... large ones) Neutral- Cars and boats... small airships A website will be up soon and the news will get posted here. If you have any ideas, send them to [email protected] -Me24 Final Front Head Leader|Web Design [/quote] Well this looks like a very interesting and new approach to modding. I wish them well!

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