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Black Bag Ops is a server manager program. This is primarly an important update for those of you who run your server with this.
My contract with DICE to update BFSM has finished but I continue to work on beta 4c in my spare time. The university year begins on Monday and I start attending lectures and studying next week. This is going to eat up most of my time from now on so I can't make any promises about when beta 4c will be released but I will post updates here to keep you informed.
here is his current Tasklist/bulist for windows.
Current tasklist/buglist (Windows) This is a copy of what's on my tasklist at the moment. I will update this from time to time so what you see here might not be a complete list. Current version = beta 4b 1. BUG: Players aren't sorted properly when you sort on player id#. 2. Ticket ratio slider won't single-step. 3. BUG: Join server command fails when server is on a private network. 4. BUG: Wrong start map used when old start map no longer in the rotation. 5. BUG: Remove/replace commas from server name in CSV log file. 6. Add DEBUG for CSV logging / player stats for fault-finding. 7. Save current maplist filter in INI file. 8. Add Export/Import menu commands for userlist. 9. BUG: Remaining ticket values reversed in status bar. 10. BUG: IP addresses aren't removed from the banlist when server is running. 11. Add mods without CRC con file to game.serverUnpureMods. 12. Add playerlist "Take screenshot" menu command. 13. Add facility for delay between message and kick/ban. 14. Investigate auto-restart failures. 15. Disable GUID detection when "Ban in both PB and BF" option is disabled. 16. BUG: Import banlist fails in BFRM. Please note Admins are currently experiencing problems with changing maps in various mods with BFSM/BFRM. This issue is caused by problems with mod map RFAs and you should direct your enquiries about these problems to the mod authors. PS. A temporary fix for DC can be found here .
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