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Hey Everyone, I am very sad that it had to come to this but the server needs to go. I had alot of fun playing with everyone nonstop for 3 days. The reason it has come to this is because we are not getting enough donations there for all or most of the money is coming from my pocket. I want to give a big shout out to the GRANNY CLAN for helping us with donations. The server WILL be back though! I am thinking August or September when I can afford it again. I am very sorry that this had to happen! Seeya later! TiTa - Server Director ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SPECIAL NOTE: I would just like to emphasize on how much time, effort, and money TiTa has put into running these servers. Though we have a hosting company, it is hard to run 2 dedicated gaming servers when you have other customers that need them, and you have to pay it from your own pocket because of that. TiTa did a great thing for us and we can only hope that the server will be back soon! Send in a donation if you want to see it stay up! See ya on the battlefield, and thanks TiTa! DDDandrew-Site Manager
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