The Gamers Pub Goes Live!!!

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Published by AndrewD 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Hey there gamers! I have an annoucement about a new website today called [b]The Gamers Pub![/b] This new website is dedicated to gamers all around, and will provide cool updates, clan news, and many more things for your delight! The owner-[b]Freek Boy[/b], has a community update for us! Read on soldiers! [quote] [b]WE HAVE GONE LIVE AND ARE LOOKING FOR STAFF!!![/b] That is right people! I have been working hard for the past two weeks and finally got the site up and running, and configured. We will be here to bring the latest gaming news, forums and many other things on the games BF: V, BF: 1942/DC, FarCry, Doom3, UT2004. We just opened and are going to work very hard to make this a very active community, and keep everything up to date. So please help us by registering, get active on the forums, submit news, and anything else you think that could help us out. But to do all this and keep it going would be hard to do by myself so; I will be looking for some dedicated Staff Members. I will have many things that will need to be done ([b]To Find out the positions click [b]HERE!!![/b]...).[/b] [/quote] Thats awesome guys! This website looks really cool, and I think that if the community helps out, goes onto staff, and visits the site daily, it will get pretty big! Help him out community! Thanks for the update Freek! Good luck with the site! See ya on the battlefield!
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