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Sorry for the delay guys, Uncle has that Transformers interview today. Well I know there won't be many views for this interview, which is a pity because Uncle really likes this mod. It may even win an award in the Uncle Awards (although the Operation: Overlord mod looks like a heavy favorite in almost every award). Well I hope my nieces and nephews will spread the news of this interview, here it is: [quote] [b]Uncle M.P.G[/b]: Tell us about yourself and your role in the Transformers mod. [b]BumbleBee[/b]: I go by the alias BumbleBee and I am the founder and coordinator for the Transformers Mod. I also do some coding and mapping. [b]Uncle M.P.G[/b]: What is the base idea behind the Transformers mod? [b]BumbleBee[/b]: The Transformers Mod is based on Transformers Generation 1, and the fierce battles between the friendly Autobots and the villainous Decepticons. Transformers are robots from space that crash landed on Earth and disguise themselves by transforming to Earth vehicles. [b]Uncle M.P.G[/b]: Where did you get the idea for it? [b]BumbleBee[/b]: I've always wished for a Transformers video game, but what really convinced me to start this mod was when I found the Transformers Quake (TFQ) website. They have an awesome mod and I hope we can do what they have and more with the BF engine. You can check out their site here http://www.telefragged.com/transformers/. [b]Uncle M.P.G[/b]: We haven't heard from your mod in a while, what have you been up to? [b]BumbleBee[/b]: We are still hard at work building models, getting models in game, skinning, and coding. Our biggest concern at the moment is the coding. The transformation code is currently the only thing holding us back. We are actively looking for an experienced BF coder who is skilled enough to code the transformations. We have an immediate opening for anyone who can do this. [b]Uncle M.P.G[/b]: Do you have any idea for a release date? [b]BumbleBee[/b]: This is yet to be decided. [b]Uncle M.P.G[/b]: Will there be any new and interesting features? [b]BumbleBee[/b]: The biggest feature will be the ability to transform into a vehicle just as the transformers did in the cartoons. Optimus prime will be able to transform to a semi, Megatron will be able to transform to a gun, Starscream to a jet, and so on. [b]Uncle M.P.G[/b]: What makes Transformers unique from every other mod out there? [b]BumbleBee[/b]: In no other mod do you have the ability to become a vehicle at your desire. [b]Uncle M.P.G[/b]: When and if you create the HL2 version of this, do you plan on still putting as much effort into the BF version? [b]BumbleBee[/b]: We have every intention to put just as much effort into our BF version as the HL2 version when we convert the mod to HL2. [b]Uncle M.P.G[/b]: Do you plan to port this to Battlefield: Vietnam? [b]BumbleBee[/b]: We are undecided on this. This may depend on whether BFV is mod friendly or not. [b]Uncle M.P.G[/b]: What are some of your favorite released and unreleased mods? [b]BumbleBee[/b]: Some of my personal favorites are the G.I. Joe mod, Space Combat, Action Battlefield, Forgotten Hope, and Halo. [b]Uncle M.P.G[/b]: Thanks for your time, any last comments? [b]BumbleBee[/b]: We first of all want to thank BF1942files.com not only for this interview but also for their tremendous contribution to the Battlefield community. We would also like to thank all of the transformers fans that share our dream and support our efforts. Last of all I encourage your readers to stop by our web site to learn more, share their ideas, and share their opinions at http://www.resemblesreality.com/TFMod/ .[/quote] Well Uncle thinks it sounds really great, and I hope all my nieces and nephews will thinks so too. There are no exclusive pics for this interview but Uncle didn't want to leave you with nothing so he included renders of (in order): Blastoff, Bluestreak, Brawl, Ironhide and Ratchet (same pic), Megtron, Prowl, Smokescreen, Soundwave, Starscream, Swindle and of course, three screenies of Optimus Prime. Well that's it for my nieces and nephews for right now, I'm later for work now too. Anyways don't forget the Second Uncle Update will be out this Saturday! Also, the Galactic Conquest interview with EXCLUSIVE PICS will be up tomorrow. See ya!

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