Urban Desert Combat - Release Date

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The Urban Desert Combat mod has given us some news on their mod.

The Urban Desert Combat (UDC) mod has been in development for several months now; however, I have been focusing on the development of the mod instead of advertising the mod. Today, I just want to make the mod known to those who haven’t heard of the mod.

“In a parallel universe America never invaded Afghanistan or Iraq. Now the fight has come to America.â€

Urban Desert Combat is the DC you know and love; however, it takes place in a new arena. Urban Desert Combat takes place in urban America. A few of the mod’s features include a completely new menu, in-game hud, several new maps, many new buildings, many new static objects, new building textures to give existing DC buildings more of an American look, suicide cars, stormy weather, and much more. I invite you to look through our complete image Gallery to view some screenshots of the mod.

With the help of a few friends in the Punch & Pie Community, I have made 2 video trailers that will be released soon to show off the mod. PunchAndPie.co.uk has been a lot of help throughout the testing process. PunchAndPie.co.ukhas been providing UDC an awesome game server and excellent feedback. I can’t thank them enough.

If everything goes as planned, the mod itself is due to be released on Friday October 10, 2008. Watch for our teaser trailers coming soon and we look forward to seeing you on the UDC server!

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