Weekly Poll Results - What would you like EA's next Battlefield project to be?

14 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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What would you like EA's next Battlefield project to be?

Battlefield 1914 31.8% (363)

Battlefield 4219 - futuristic combat. 21.3% (243)

Battle and Conquer, The Command and Conquer battlefield game. 11.9% (136)

Other (Comments) 9.5% (109)

Battlefield of Middle earth. 8.9% (102)

Battlefield Wii 7.1% (81)

No more battlefield's I'm happy with what we have. 4.4% (51)

Super turbo hyper deluxe speed battlefield. 2.1% (25)

Battlefield, the collectable card game. 1.4% (17)

Battlefield Racers. 0.9% (11)

Total: 1138
Start: 03-04-2009 02:40
Last: 03-16-2009 08:30

 #1 - Posted by: Nitronumber9 (Staff) on 03-04-2009 at 02:45
Sorry for the lateness of this poll. I sent one of the other staff member's a message saying I wouldn't be able to post one and it seems they either forgot or the message was never receaved. Anyway I wonder how the Battlefield card game would work... Simular to COD's card game perhaps? Anyway I'll play my medic card to heal my anti tank soldier.

 #2 - Posted by: HOTDOGGY (Member) on 03-04-2009 at 02:52
BF with blue & white face paint, kilts and swords! FREEEEDOOOOOOOM!

 #3 - Posted by: FirstStrikeMedia (Member) on 03-04-2009 at 04:18
I like that idea, HOTDOGGY :P Personally, I'm up for battlefield & conquer. I loved C&C Renegade, would love to see it in the BF engine. Mind you, there is a new mod in the works for BF2142 that turns it into C&C, we'll see how that turns out ^^. Really, though, I'd like to see Dice take up the Battlefront series. First Strike Mod for 2142 does its best to make a GOOD Star Wars game but there is only so much that can be done with the engine :(

 #4 - Posted by: RuhigSein (Member) on 03-04-2009 at 07:51
A Battlefield RTS would be nice. They can do WW2, Modern, and Future timelines!

 #5 - Posted by: computernerd (Staff) on 03-04-2009 at 09:15
Actually regarding the Battlefield: Middle Earth, someone has already done something like that.

 #6 - Battlefield 3 - Posted by: Jaja69 (Member) on 03-04-2009 at 11:01
Battlefield 3 Is Basicly Battlefield 2 But With Much Better Graphics And Civilians.

 #7 - Posted by: ma21212 (Member) on 03-04-2009 at 11:49
remake vietnam??

 #8 - 1914 - Posted by: Napoleon_of_the_Stars (Member) on 03-04-2009 at 12:10
How would a Battlefield 1914 be much fun? Mostly you'd be in trenches! Unless you are fighting trenchfoot! :r

 #9 - Posted by: farcry1992 (Member) on 03-04-2009 at 13:05
How about a PROPER Battlefield 2 Sequel?

 #10 - Posted by: Michael_Mikes (Member) on 03-04-2009 at 13:21
A World War 1 game sounds nice and different but that Vietnam idea is good too

 #11 - Posted by: LeeRyder (Member) on 03-04-2009 at 13:30
I want a Perpetual state MMOFPS BF WWII game (like WWII Online, but with betyter graphics).

 #12 - Posted by: Chobram (Member) on 03-04-2009 at 14:11
Battlefield 1914 would be awesome. You sit in your trench, wait about two minutes, and then, OMG, there's an entire army charging at you. You only have a rifle, pistol, bayonet, and a few grenades. Truly epic.

 #13 - Posted by: BulletmagnetBME (Member) on 03-04-2009 at 15:13
Battlefield 1752- 7 Years' War (French and Indian War) Muskets and battle lines forever.

 #14 - Posted by: brok (Member) on 03-04-2009 at 15:37
bf1914 is the only one I'd seriously consider buying, and even then it would be a big uphill struggle to make WW1 seem as fun as ww2. Then again if they just made it with the physics, weapons and entertaining singleplayer style of Codename Eagle, it would be a winner. That's right, once upon a time there actually was a bf style game with a half decent singleplayer. I miss those days. Also the Wii should really have it's own bf as well. It's only fair.

 #15 - Posted by: TSG1974 (Member) on 03-04-2009 at 16:50
battleships , subs,open seas and planes. no land or small amount of land and a weather system

 #16 - Posted by: LeeRyder (Member) on 03-04-2009 at 17:25
@#14 The original "Operation Flashpoint" was a winner too. Equally fun single player or online.

 #17 - Posted by: Fragboy_o_jedi (Member) on 03-04-2009 at 18:13
i voted for Battlecommand and conquerfield (lol) coz renegade rules, and C&C rules too but 1914 would rule too...

 #18 - Posted by: Agent07 (Member) on 03-04-2009 at 18:22
Other Waiting for Bad Company 2..PC FTW!!!

 #19 - @17 - Posted by: computernerd (Staff) on 03-04-2009 at 19:10
That somehow makes sense :lol:

 #20 - WW1 - Posted by: Gandar (Member) on 03-04-2009 at 22:16
hell.. i'd like to see world's first WW1 FPS game :D that would be interesting... woo.. somebody still plays Operation Flashpoint? except me >_>

 #21 - Posted by: Nitronumber9 (Staff) on 03-05-2009 at 02:26
@20 Yes people still play OPF. I even have a copy on my desk somewhere. Was never any good with it but how about a game?

 #22 - Posted by: CommanderJB (Member) on 03-05-2009 at 02:53
Other - I dream of Battlefield 1989, a fictional Cold War setting. Imagine how totally awesome it would be to have the entire arsenal of Cold War weaponry at your disposal - Hinds, Havocs, Sheridans, T-62s, Pattons, in a massive online ground-level war in a setting barely covered before by professional games. World in Conflict on foot - oh, it would be joy. Please, DICE, please...

 #23 - Other : - Posted by: Milleuros (Member) on 03-05-2009 at 04:05
"Warhammer 40'000 : Battlefield" :D Take the control of a Space Marine of the Imperium of mankind or a Fire Warrior of the Tau Empire

 #24 - Posted by: airhawksltfudge (Member) on 03-05-2009 at 07:13
OTHER! for years i've had an idea of a battlefield game with 3 teams on ONE map... It would be called , Battlefield: CrossFire with Frostbite :)

 #25 - 1914 - Posted by: Massive_Killer (Member) on 03-05-2009 at 18:01
1914 would be awesome because then Canada would have to be a major faction since World War 1 is where we were recognized as a nation. I wonder how they would deal with the fact that the US pretty well only supplied all the other nations and never saw any action worth mentioning. Perhaps on US maps you can build tanks.

 #26 - Posted by: Zeenvor33 (Member) on 03-05-2009 at 19:52
how about they fix the games that are out now.... just a thought. maybe battlefield 2 v1.5 perhaps?

 #27 - Posted by: AussieGeneral (Member) on 03-05-2009 at 21:36
i like the 1914 idea as a proud Aussie:rock::cool: i would love a game like that and one of the set teams could be Aussie as we were in it from the start or maybe we could have lots of sides because ive always wanted to play a ANZAC map and best of all america won't be a main fraction because they joined late in the war:D

 #28 - Posted by: AK74_Rifleman (Member) on 03-06-2009 at 08:42
Agree with #23 Battlefield 40k, or maybe BF 401942 I can't wait to play as space marine in FPS FOR THE EMPEROR!!!

 #29 - Posted by: AussieGeneral (Member) on 03-06-2009 at 13:40
Nah if they did a battlefield 40k one i am playing as Necrons}> or Chaos }>or maby Dark Eldar}> For Evil

 #30 - Posted by: Michael_Mikes (Member) on 03-06-2009 at 15:05
BF1942 v1.7 or a WW1 game which featured battles from all fronts, not just the Western Front.

 #31 - Battlefield: Alcatraz - Posted by: Copperbelt_Jack (Member) on 03-06-2009 at 16:57
Inmates vs gaurds in an all-out brawl for it all: Freedom and a chance to go back to the main land! Watch as the inmates shank the living bejesus out of the guards, while the warden opens a disciplined can of whoop-ass on the Birdman of Alcatraz with his nightclub custom-modified with improv glued-on nails & screwdrivers! Can these bandaits that once escaped the long-arm of the law do it again? Find out in 64-player online action as EA Games takes you to the bloody arena of Battlefield: Alcatraz! Note: Not suitable for children under 11, women who are pregnant or will become pregnant, and vegetarians. Download the FREE demo at ea.com/official/battlefield/bfalcatraz and get your Capone on! Go ahead, set the first man free!

 #32 - Posted by: superbob281 (Member) on 03-06-2009 at 20:46
I'm not gonna lie. I tried that URL. lol. Korea or WWI would be cool.

 #33 - Posted by: GeneralFF (Member) on 03-06-2009 at 23:07
BF Korea or 1914 sounds great, as is a remake of 'Nam. Also, BF Cold War could be feasible, mainly set in Europe, taking place between 1948-1989.

 #34 - Posted by: greenfuzz (Member) on 03-07-2009 at 12:25
Remake of Battlefield Vietnam aaawwhh that would be so good, More Realistic ,better jungles more music mmmmmmmm :) battlefield vietnam was the best battlefield of all. Alright battlefield 2 and 1942 classics but Vietnam was so fun to play too bad i'm used to better graphics.

 #35 - Posted by: AussieGeneral (Member) on 03-07-2009 at 14:45
Yeah a remake of Vietnam would be nice like Crysis Graphics that would be so cool and flammable environments!!!!!!!!! :rock::cool::cool:

 #36 - Posted by: MatmanDude (Member) on 03-08-2009 at 13:05
Why do so many people like the WWII and such Battlefields? BATTLEFIELD 2 IS THE RULER OF ALL BATTLEFIELDS! BATTLEFIELD 2142 IS IT'S RIGHT HAND MAN! (Make Battlefield Racers)

 #37 - Posted by: brok (Member) on 03-09-2009 at 03:50
"Why do so many people like the WWII battlefields?" I'll give you 20 good reasons. You just pick your favourite: 1. both sides were evenly matched with an equivalent gun/vehicle for every occasion and task. Even as the war progressed, tech on both sides remained fairly close. 2. Once in a while people get sick of the desert. WW2 happened all over the world, in just about every kind of environment imaginable. 3. Back in WW2 pilots had to duke it out in real dogfights, none of this 'fire and forget' baloney. 4. The scale of the battles were huge. WW2 saw the largest tank, air and (arguably) naval battle ever seen in history. 5. It was the last time battleship warfare and sub fleets would be used effectively. 6. Over a hundred countries took part. This means that these countries have more of a vested interest in a ww2 game based on real events than a fictional one featuring just America, China and the Middle East... 7. Because it was pre-computer age, when something had to be blown up or spied on, real people had to actually go in there armed only with their wits, a gun, and maybe a bundle of plastique. That's ten times more heroic than your average gizmoed-up modern swat team adventure. 8. Speaking of spying, ww2 gives us resistance, sabotage, and a fair load of awesome P.O.W. escape stories to boot. 9. It's arguably the last war that was fought for just reasons. The extermination of entire races was prevented. It wasn't just an oil hunt or loss of face thing. 10. WW2 battles had better ping than current struggles, were larger, and weren't as buggy. 11. The real struggle was a really close match. We could easily have lost, and the impacts of ww2 would have far wider reaching effects than those in any other bf game. 12. An awful lot of bridges got blown up. 13. The Brits had stiff upper lips and the Germans had really spiffy uniforms. 14. Frogmen. 15. Fist fights on top of locomotives. 16. Each nation's tactical and strategic ability had the opportunity to really stretch itself to the limit. Countless surprise come-from-behind victories were achieved by all sides. 17. Gyro Bombs, Magnetic mines, and Ballistic Missile Prototypes. 18. The triumph of the human spirit under the most horrendous conditions imaginable 19. Dive Dive Dive, Tora Tora Tora, and Broadsword calling Dannyboy. 20. It's -to date- the only war where Bally Jerry pranged his kite right in the how's your father. Hairy blighter, d|cky-birdied, feathered back on his Sammy, took a waspy, flipped over on his Betty Harper's and caught his can in the Bertie.

 #38 - Posted by: JamesTheFlames (Member) on 03-09-2009 at 14:20
"Battlefield of Middle earth." you mean LOTR:conquest, which is already OUT, why would they make a similar LOTR game right away

 #39 - Posted by: Archangel_Null (Member) on 03-09-2009 at 14:38
Battlefield Vietnam II.

 #40 - Posted by: Stgchuckles13 (Member) on 03-09-2009 at 19:08
BFV 2. is my vote(if I voted). Why not put all the wars in one game. Could up with the different battles/wars that you will for the other countries. But for America, each generation has either been in a war or known someone who was in a war. Start from the French and Indian war all the way up to present. You'll see what I mean. This would have a great Single player that shows one family and its members throughout the history of there country (ex America) fought in each war. Mp would be to bad either, some military members still use tomahawks today. Also this could be a great way, if the makers could do it right, could be used to teach kids history.

 #41 - sry of @x post - Posted by: Stgchuckles13 (Member) on 03-09-2009 at 19:10
Could up with the Could up with the different battles/wars that you will for the other countries. should be Come up with the different battles/wars that other countries have fought throughout human history. I believe there has actually been SEVEN world wars.

 #42 - Posted by: Michael_Mikes (Member) on 03-11-2009 at 03:18
brok, you also forgot that it was the bloodiest war in history with 60-100 million deaths and as for Bally Jerry... ouch!

 #43 - Posted by: Fragboy_o_jedi (Member) on 03-11-2009 at 08:57
A battlefield game with a 3-way battle would be awesome tho.. (to simply examples) a WH40k Setting Imperium of Man x Chaos Forces x Eldar xD

 #44 - Posted by: Major_Lowrey (Member) on 03-11-2009 at 09:05
i think an interesting notion would be a battlefield cold war what if....what if it had gone to actual fighting? possibly even put in a couple o nukes....that would be cool 1914 sounds good tho

 #45 - Australia please! - Posted by: kais246 (Member) on 03-12-2009 at 04:15
What has the Australians as a playable army. Im so sick of these american fan boys.

 #46 - Posted by: kais246 (Member) on 03-12-2009 at 04:15
What ever*

 #47 - Posted by: Michael_Mikes (Member) on 03-12-2009 at 04:33
Only mods have featured Australia or New Zealand (only FH1 as far as I know) as playable armies.

 #48 - Posted by: brok (Member) on 03-12-2009 at 20:07
Oh we're not gonna start the whole Battlefield: Australia vs New Zealand Over Tourist Destinations game again are we? Damn i was trying to find where that originally cropped up yesterday, but I can't find it! does anyone remember? Think it was the poll about what country you'd want in the next one, but the site's search function is useless!

 #49 - #45 - Posted by: AussieGeneral (Member) on 03-12-2009 at 22:29
hey kais i agree :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

 #50 - Australia vs New Zealand - Posted by: Michael_Mikes (Member) on 03-12-2009 at 23:08
It was the one about what country the next BF should take place in and the New Zealand idea idea came from an episode of the Gruen Transfer. I know this because I joined up FileFront around this time.

 #51 - Posted by: AussieGeneral (Member) on 03-13-2009 at 04:08
Hey on that note i reckon a AU gets invaded Themed Battlefield would be good Has anyone read the tomorrow series by John Marsten i think anyway great books :rock::rock::rock:

 #52 - Posted by: ma21212 (Member) on 03-13-2009 at 14:32
man bfv deservs a remake. the BFv was rushd and nothing really new came in it basicly was bf1942 with more sugar coating

 #53 - Posted by: Michael_Mikes (Member) on 03-13-2009 at 14:57
following on that note about an Australian Battlefield, what about Indonesia invades Australia and New Zealand comes and helps us fight the Indonesians?

 #54 - Battlefield 1945: Fall of the Reich - Posted by: SgtConlin (Member) on 03-13-2009 at 20:51
sp campaign like bf:bc, but from the russian point of veiw

 #55 - @ #53 - Posted by: AK74_Rifleman (Member) on 03-13-2009 at 23:29
Well, not bad idea after all, my country invades Aussie, I'll definitely buy if they make something like that.

 #56 - Posted by: jemsuper (Member) on 03-14-2009 at 02:03
i have a new game: battle-cancer. a fight in a body against cancer!


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