Weekly Poll Results - When not in use. where do you store your copy of Battlefie

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When not in use. where do you store your copy of Battlefield?

Right next to the Pc. 26.4% (210)
Games Rack/shelf. 24.5% (195)
A bullet proof safe surrounded by lasers and armed guards. 24.5% (195)
Cd Drive. 10.4% (83)
My hard drive. 6.8% (54)
I don't own a Battlefield game. 2.5% (20)
Strapped to my body. 2.2% (18)
Other. (Please say in comments. 1.3% (11)
A friend looks after it... 0.5% (4)
Next to my door. 0.3% (3)
Total: 793
Start: 09-13-2008 16:22
Last: 09-21-2008 03:28

 #1 - Posted by: Harmless911 (Member) on 09-13-2008 at 16:23

ooh first vote...

 #2 - Posted by: Sergant_Bash (Member) on 09-13-2008 at 16:47

Mine lays ontop of my computer XD It survives anything ;)

 #3 - Posted by: Nitronumber9 (Staff) on 09-13-2008 at 16:48

At time of this comment my Battlefield 2 disc is next to my pc, No idea why. I'm to lazy to move it.

 #4 - Posted by: superlamario (Member) on 09-13-2008 at 16:59

Right next to my computer...That doesn't mean I have to play it!

 #5 - Posted by: kamikaziwatermelon1234 (Member) on 09-13-2008 at 17:25

bullet proof safe, but i have lasers, armed guards, AND ninjas, oh and there's a trunk monkey in the safe if you manage to get it open. :)

 #6 - Posted by: BFVHeartbreak1 (Member) on 09-13-2008 at 17:53

If you didn't own a battlefield game then why would you be on this site!?!?!

 #7 - Posted by: stalecookie (Member) on 09-13-2008 at 19:19

mine is just on top of the desk technicly on top of the computer and next to the monitor

 #8 - Posted by: superbob281 (Member) on 09-13-2008 at 19:57

In the CD Drive. I never take it out. haha

 #9 - Posted by: vfn4i83 (Member) on 09-13-2008 at 21:16

stored somewhere into my shelve. using Image.

 #10 - Posted by: Zully08 (Member) on 09-14-2008 at 00:43

Wherever I feel like putting it after i play it

 #11 - Posted by: Grenademan (Member) on 09-14-2008 at 05:56

Somewhere out of my sight.

 #12 - Posted by: stev (Member) on 09-14-2008 at 11:24

It keeps coffee from dripping on my desk.

 #13 - Posted by: alvaroM (Member) on 09-14-2008 at 14:19

Where do I keep my Battlefield 1942 disc? In my Call of Duty 2 disc container, along with Battlefield 2 and, for some reason, the second disc of PBS's "The War" documentary. Please don't ask me why the hell those things are mashed up together. If I knew, I'd tell you.

 #14 - Posted by: ma21212 (Member) on 09-14-2008 at 16:07

i out all my Pc games under my bed arrenged from most fav. (in front) to least (in bak)

 #15 - Posted by: superbob281 (Member) on 09-14-2008 at 21:49

I eat my copy and then buy another copy every day.

 #16 - #15 - Posted by: LoneSniperJim (Member) on 09-15-2008 at 16:47

Heres a better idea bob, store it in your stomach and when you want to play, just look in the toilet...

 #17 - Posted by: don818 (Member) on 09-15-2008 at 18:11

I keep other shit in that safe too like plans and access cards and numbers and hard drives that i want to survive the apocalypse but BF2 is top shelf (Because i use it a lot) and it's a silent alarm that when given the wrong code swat teams come and if they don't respond the safe explodes like a fuel air bomb

 #18 - Why? - Posted by: Copperbelt_Jack (Member) on 09-15-2008 at 20:54

Is there a reason to take it out? I got another CD drive for my computer just so I could always keep a copy of battlefield in the computer.

 #19 - Posted by: DeeEmmSee (Member) on 09-17-2008 at 04:52

I keep my copy of bf1942 wherever the hell i like, i have no specific place for it, but maybe i should as i have lost disc one - so if my pc goes down - ill have to buy another copy lol

 #20 - On Top of my other PC's - Posted by: SouthernGentleman (Member) on 09-18-2008 at 15:37

Battlefield 2142 is on top of a stack of games about one and half feet tall. It is one of my favorite games to play, 1942 is somewhere down on the bottom of the list. :rock:

 #21 - Posted by: heydabop (Member) on 09-18-2008 at 18:55

BlindWrite 6 + DAEMON Tools Lite!

 #22 - Posted by: Dawnofwar4 (Member) on 09-20-2008 at 07:46

#21 is a leet image burner!

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