Weekly Poll Results - You've found the guy that stole your battlefield CD hiding

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You've found the guy that stole your battlefield CD hiding in a bunker You...

You go in SOLO, and rig the whole place with explosives while you're in there, humming the Bond them 25.6% (196)
Have your air support flatten the place. If I can't have it, nobody can! 16.7% (128)
You lead a small, crack unit to get in unobserved and steal back the CD without them even knowing. 14.9% (114)
You take over all surrounding towns in the hope it will start a ticket bleed. 11.8% (91)
You send in your whole army, with huge casualties on both sides before the CD is finally recovered. 8.7% (67)
You set up a video link and dangle your BF: Heroes beta key in his face, cackling like a madman 7.1% (55)
You have tanks pound the structure's weak point and yell a call to surrender through the breach 5.4% (42)
You tell them good luck with that, before going back to playing your backup disk/cracked/daemon vers 4.8% (37)
Other (discuss) 3% (23)
You, like, negotiate or something. Whatever that is... 1.5% (12)
Total: 765
Start: 10-23-2008 12:38
Last: 11-03-2008 02:47

 #1 - Posted by: Nitronumber9 (Staff) on 10-23-2008 at 12:40

Thank you to Brok for this poll. Remember send me a pm with your poll ideas. Personally I would go in solo steal the disk and sneak out Sam Fisher style.

 #2 - Posted by: GYSGT (Member) on 10-23-2008 at 13:03

Solo and Bond theme with explosives. Whats better?

 #3 - Posted by: EvilBunny (Member) on 10-23-2008 at 13:18

So, i was thinking sending 5 infantry regiments and 3 tank regiments to back them up. Along with 1 engineer regiment and 2 airwings.

 #4 - Posted by: ETFEAR (Member) on 10-23-2008 at 13:21

just lil air support and flaten them up....and then buy a new CD...and...the end...

 #5 - Posted by: cow_pie (Member) on 10-23-2008 at 13:40

I'd just walk in and shoot the guy in the head and walk out with the cd in hand :rock::rock: hahahah good ol god mode:p

 #6 - Posted by: RussianComrade (Member) on 10-23-2008 at 13:56

I'd challenge him to a 1v1 knife fight. Then in the middle of the fight, draw a shotgun and *BLAM*!

 #7 - Posted by: jynxedyou (Member) on 10-23-2008 at 15:32

like i said befor.... KIll Him and rape his whole family...:mad::furious::mad: LOL

 #8 - Posted by: thecheeseman (Member) on 10-23-2008 at 16:41

^^ Seriously... do you need some help???? LoL Solo with explosives and bond theme. :P

 #9 - Posted by: Delta_____62 (Member) on 10-23-2008 at 18:04

Can I jus nuke him? I think nukes are awesome!! :) NUKE THE DUDE WHO STOLE YOUR STUFF!!! :D well that's how i deal with my problems, i jus nuke them :cool:

 #10 - Posted by: Soveriegn (Member) on 10-23-2008 at 19:17

All the options and comments are too weak for my taste. I wouldn't use some small army to conquer that bunker. I WOULD ATTACK WITH OVER 4000 INFANTRY DIVISIONS, 2500 ARMORED DIVISIONS, 250000 AIR SQUADRONS ALL WITH SUPPORT USING 4000 artillary brigades, 10000 Strategic Bombers, 4000 Chemical strikes, and 2000 Tactical Nuclear Missiles!! I would WIPE OUT the entire area within a 500 mile radius!! The only things left will be ash, radiation, more ash, with more radiation thats about it. I don't care if i destroy my disk in the process, I'll go to target and just buy another. But I'M PROVING WHAT I'M GOING TO DO TO THE SORRY DUDE WHO STOLE MY $20 DISK!!

 #11 - Posted by: afcgrimm (Member) on 10-24-2008 at 04:04

Well, that was quite the outburst. :)

 #12 - Posted by: max_payne278 (Member) on 10-24-2008 at 04:07


 #13 - Posted by: Riker_E (Member) on 10-24-2008 at 14:35

"Ghost Eye to Razgriz and Ghost 6, commence operation" *Razgriz squadron moves in for close and superiority operations* *Ghost 6 approaches the bunker back by 4 M1-A4's, apaches, and artillery* "Bunker in view, its huge, we aren't taking that down without anything short of a...." "got it" *Razgriz 1 streaks from the heavens and hits the door with a special explosive* *The door is blown to H***,* "Move in!" The disc will be mine! And if it were Zoids (an anime show i like): Liger Zero CAS - Liger Zero Panzer: Mobilize Target in sight, Shadow fox move forward, hybrid cannon locked, FIRE!

 #14 - Posted by: AussieGeneral (Member) on 10-24-2008 at 16:14

If i Manage to get Through 12 inch Concrete 23 different(and deadly)alarm systems with a army of highly trained Special Ops all to get a $40+dollar battlefield 2 diskI really have issues :D

 #15 - Posted by: hmmmgood (Member) on 10-24-2008 at 19:30

i guess poll options are getting pretty slim,either that or the local kindergarten is deciding them now.

 #16 - Posted by: GENERALHOLT (Member) on 10-24-2008 at 19:53

"KNife Fight! Your GOnna Fight For your LIE E IFE. Knife Fight! Your Gonna Fight With A KNI E IFE. Knife FiGHT! A realy real realy realy realy realy sharp knife. YA Knife fight"

 #17 - One word.... - Posted by: Vaders_legion (Member) on 10-24-2008 at 20:50


 #18 - Posted by: AK74_Rifleman (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 05:05

God...I never expected people enjoyed my poll idea so much that they continued it, it was a 3-minute thought one Anyway, I'd call haggard, let him do his stuff (blow the door) and get in with a team of SEAL, SAS, Green Berets, SBS, Aussie & NZ SAS, Delta, GIGN, GSG-9, Rangers, OMON, SWAT, CIA, MI-6, FSB Agents & Spetsnaz, surround him and you know what next.

 #19 - Posted by: heydabop (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 12:39

Or I get my CD, regardless of the typos.

 #20 - Posted by: Soveriegn (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 17:56

"Anyway, I'd call haggard, let him do his stuff (blow the door) and get in with a team of SEAL, SAS, Green Berets, SBS, Aussie & NZ SAS, Delta, GIGN, GSG-9, Rangers, OMON, SWAT, CIA, MI-6, FSB Agents & Spetsnaz, surround him and you know what next." You forgot Homeland Security LOL Plus chemical grenades

 #21 - Posted by: bravosixclan (Member) on 10-26-2008 at 11:35

Id just barricade the door from the outside, find a little door or hole and keep throwing flash/stun grenades and laugh like a crazy madman.... and when i get bored... replace the falsh/stuns with Dynamite/c-4 till the thing is full!

 #22 - Posted by: superlamario (Member) on 10-26-2008 at 20:06

Capture the surrounding towns!

 #23 - Posted by: TheDesacrator (Member) on 10-28-2008 at 14:24

Insert several Titans into position and hammer down on the bunker until the thief comes out, where he is then shot and the CD is recovered

 #24 - Posted by: ButtHungryAssClown (Member) on 10-31-2008 at 11:29

put a nuke in his ass and let him run !:rock::rock::rock:

 #25 - Posted by: Soveriegn (Member) on 10-31-2008 at 16:00

Yeah, but I think we've about run out of ideas, this poll was good, but now its just getting a bit dull, I'll never forget this one.

 #26 - Posted by: DerRelienT (Member) on 11-01-2008 at 09:25

Play country music on loudspeakers until he surrenders (Shouldn't take long)

 #27 - Posted by: _Blackbird (Member) on 11-01-2008 at 14:06

Yay, I got..... ahh, forget it. Anyway, I just would chose that what #26 (DerRelienT) said. Just gotta hope that I don't run away before he surrenders....

 #28 - Hmm... - Posted by: Kill001 (Member) on 11-01-2008 at 17:30

C4C4C4C4C4C4C4C4C4C4... Easy and simple... :p

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