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I was contacted by Dave Wood, project co-ordinator for White Rabbit Films and aked me to spread the word about what they are working on: Quote: --------------------------------------------------------------------- White rabbit Films began life in january of 2003 with a meeting of mind's. Our aim is simple, to make the best game movies on the internet. Our first project is a rather large under taking, to make a film based around the popular PC game Battlefield 1942 . The idea arose after 2 fellow members of the ::3PARA:: clan, Robbie Hales AKA ::3PARA::White_Rabbit and Dave Wood AKA ::3PARA::MindblowN spent many late nights on the internet attempting to make short stunt films inspired by the likes of The Northern Brigades KOiN. The more we played around with different ideas the more the project started to grow, what started out as a 10 minute film has now grown into a 3 part mini series, each part 10 minutes long and covering 1 day in the final battle for El Alamein. After some test shot's the decision was made that we needed to customize the exsisting maps to our needs, so off we went to recruit some talented mappers which we found in the shape of the [JTR] clan's Chris Noble AKA [JTR]SgtMugworth. Next we needed some researchers and writers, after making a post on the forums of www.battlefield1942.co.uk for the positions we needed filling we recruited [JTR] clan's PJ Hart AKA [JTR]VisionThing as Lead Researcher/Writer and Jamie Spencer-Sharp AKA ::3PARA::Winston and Chris Hall AKA =XDC=TurksMeister as assistant Writer's/researchers. Sound was the next issue we needed to address as we knew that sound capturing the in game sounds was possible but would require more equipment to do so and with the already rising cost's of the project we took the decision to just have a score and let the images speak for them selves, the problem with this if we used music from other films and bands we would be breaking many copyright laws and would more than likely be sued till we were dead. luckily for us Robbie has a close friend Luke Hunter who is a member of Digital Warfare one of the Electronic/Techno scenes leading live acts came on board as Lead Music Supervisor to create our very own original score. White Rabbit Films Proudly Presents Kidney Ridge: The last days of El Alamein In this land thousands of men will fall. Lives will be changed forever. Over 3 days a battle will rage at Kindey Ridge........ On 1st November 1942 Montgomery launched an attack on the Deutches Afrika Korps at Kidney Ridge. After initially resisting the attack, Rommel decided he no longer had the resources to hold his line and on the 3rd November he ordered his troops to withdraw. However, Adolf Hitler overruled his commander and the Germans were forced to stand and fight. The Battle for Kindey Ridge is a movie made using Battlefield 1942's game, but it's not just any old stunt movie you see availiable for download at the moment. This is a completely new concept for the world of BF1942. It's a movie, lasting in total 30 minutes! "Well, that's gonna be very boring then" I hear you say. Wrong. As I have already said, this is not just a stunt movie, think Band of brothers but in the BF world. Sure there'll be explosions and some neat looking stunts included in here, but this is a proper movie, with a script and a storyline. We're talking full-blown tank battles, dogfights, head shots from snipers, the works. Not just thrown all together either with bits of the movie here, and bits there. It's properly edited and made so it's continious and the storyline flows from scene to scene. We have a mapper creating a modified El Alamein for us, including something pretty special which will not be spoken about until the first release is done. If you're thinking to yourselves "First release?" then here's the answer. The films will be split into three ten minute movies, with each movie equaling one days worth of battling. Hopefully, we will be releasing number one of three in the next couple of months, then releasing the next after we have filmed it, so about a months wait inbetween each one. Basically, we have this motto; When it's done, it's released. Simple as that. There's a few hidden surprises that we aren't saying anything about until we have released at least the first episode of this fantastic movie, just to keep you guessing. Head over to [url]http://www.whiterabbitfilms.co.uk[/url] to find out more and join our forums.
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