World at War Campaign 12 Kicks-Off

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Published by Woolf 14 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
The Forgotten Hope tournament Battle for Europe: World at War is nearing the start of it's 12th Campaign. Check it out,
Battle for Europe: World at War is nearing the start of it's 12th Campaign of fierce, tactical, and organized team play, on an large scale. BFE:WaW is the most popular Forgotten Hope tournament, with exciting, large scale, twelve hour battles every week. Take part in epic battles, on more than 72 custom maps. Now with a historically accurate timeline. Serve under a disciplined chain of command, working together as one cohesive force, with one goal; the defeat of the enemy. Raise your BF1942 game play to a level far above that available on public servers; sign up to fight in World at War today. Dust off your bayonet, lace up your boots, and leave your fears behind, it's time for BFE: WAW 12. Enlist in one of 8 companies, from 2 divisions, across Armies representing both the Axis and the Allies during World War 2. Each division has a skilled, structured, and organized chain of command that reaches all the way down from the General and his Command Staff, to Sergeants and the enlisted men they personally lead into battle. Join up as a lowly line grunt, and then work your way up through the ranks, with promotions that are dependant on your skill, discipline, and leadership abilities. The only question left is: What side are you on? Both sides are full of skilled, friendly helpful players who will make you feel welcome, and with whom you'll develop a real sense of comradeship. If you're tired of public play, and want to experience something that's beyond anything you've ever played in BF1942, then stop waiting, and sign up now.
To find out more information about this awesome tournament, visit the website at
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