X-League 2. EoD season

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[quote]10 Clans from Germany, Austria and Switzerland already registered for the 2nd EoD season. To make this league more attractive now clans all across europe can take part. For the 2nd season e few noveltys are planned: - league starts in 3-4 weeks - concerning the number of registrations, the participating clans will be split up in different divisions. the champion will be determined by K.O. system. - Already in the preliminary round every team will play two times against each other. (2x30min) - ticketratio depending on the played map - the number of players are 8vs8, but the teams can agree to a different setup - gentleman agreements (rules which become effective of both clans agree!): idle in case of playerdrop, no basecamping 10v10 and 12vs12 - rule for screenshots will be published in future or will be replaced by octinium - mappool: Charly doesnt surf, Closefire, Crash Point Baker, Hill 937, Lang Son, Mekang River, Que Son Valley, River Village, Stream, Two Bridges If you have 10 Member, an own homepage and irc channel you can participate the 2nd X-League EoD season. In case of questions, plz contact us in #x-league (quakenet) or mail [email protected].[/quote] If your clan is interested sign up today!!
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