XWW2 Map Preview!

18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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The Experience World War 2 mod has just published a large map preview on their site. There is a pic from each map so take a good look at each of them. [quote] Today a preview of the 1.6 Map Pack maps that will be included in Sundays 2.5 release. We felt it needed to be mentioned that most maps will take 2 or more players to cap any control point. Also all our maps in this release have XWW2_ in front of the maps name. In the map list you will still see all of the Dice maps, just scroll down and you will see all of ours. (note: the Dices maps do not run Xww2, they will load up as 1.61 Dice maps) [/quote] Looks great guys! As a reminder to everyone else, the server files will be released tomorrow and the client files on Sunday. The passworded bit-torrent files can be found below. Beta 2.5 Client torrent link http://www.xww2.com/

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