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Audio BF1942 Anthem

This is a Source Direct Remix of Technical Warfare ( bf1942 version ). A sweet song!!!


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Audio BattleField 1942 Theme MP3

This is the BattleField 1942 Theme converted to a MP3, so now when you get the itch for BF1942, and you can't play, just open your favorite...


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Audio Siege Mod Theme

The theme music to the upcoming Siege Mod.


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Audio BattleField 1942 Intro MP3

Lt. Luke sends in the music to the intro, for those of you with and mp3 player, you'll never be too far from BattleField 1942... :rock: The...


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Audio Combat Theme

For any of us old enough to remember this TV series from the 60's here's the theme music in a Bf1942 BIK file.Just rename the origi...


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Audio Loading Sound

New loading sound (The A-Team) for Battlefield 1942 or Desert Combat ALL Installation: Place the file in your music folder from B...


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Audio Tanelorn DC Mod Soundpack

Tanelorn's Desert Combat 0.35 sound pack v0.75 After considerable amount of work, I've compiled an extensive sound realism pack...


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Audio Sly's Weapon sounds

New Plane Weapon Sounds by sLy I compiled new plane weapon sounds for both the 1p and bomber cameras to...


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Audio Sly's Weapon sounds V2

New Plane Engine & Weapon Sounds v. 2 by sLy Well gang I've certainly been busy since my last release....


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Audio DCF Custom Sounds V7

A customs sound conversion for Desert Combat Final. This sound pack is very worth your while. You won't be dissapointed!


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Audio DC AudioMod 0.35

Desert Combat Audio Mod Created By: IronViper Version Alpha 0.35 Note: This will overwrite your existing sound.rfa file....


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Audio DC Original Music

Read Me File This Theme will change the load and menu music for DC .35E & .3N back to the Original music. This installer was ma...


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Audio Tribute to DC

Frank DeLise, founder of the Desert combat mod has just announced the release of the Desert Combat soundtrack. The Desert Combat Team is pl...


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Audio GC Rock

Hey, its Tempest from the bf1942 community. I like star wars, and I like alternitave rock. I also like GC, but Im not too big on...


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Audio GC Episode 1 Mix

*This collection of music from SW: The Phantom Menace includes the following music by John Williams: Duel Of The Fates, The Sith Spac...


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Audio GC Cantina Band Mix

*This collection of music based on the cantina band from SW: A New Hope includes the original song by John Williams, and 3 other piec...


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Audio EOD Soundtrack

The EoD mod team are happy to announce that the music from Eve of Destruction Soundtrack has been released! The zip file includes the music...


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Audio Aftermath Mod Soundtrack

The track that stays in your head from the Mod. Unzip and play.


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Audio BF1942 New Menu Theme

Ever wanted to change that music that you hear when you turn BF1942 on? Well, so did these guys :P, so they did, and now theyre sharing it p...


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Audio Battlefield MP3 song

If you love battlefield, than you should check out this mp3. Its a pretty ok mp3, sort of a techno-remix of the loading/menu music. Enjoy!...


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Audio DC Custom Sound Pack

Custom sounds v1 Sounds include: -RHIB engine(needs work) -M16 fire -M249 fire -PKM fire -PSS fire -DP(not in game though) -Mi24 Hin...


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Audio Sounds V2

Sounds with the * symbol next to them are updated or new. Custom sounds v2 Sounds include:...


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Audio BF1918 Clan Match Commentary

A few days ago, the TAR and 83. Infantry Regiment had a clanwar going on, which caught quite some attention. The game was live commented ove...


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Audio BF1918 English Commands Recording

An audio sample of the new English commands to be used in Major Release 2 of the BF1918 mod.


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