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Co-Op GC EL Alamein

i wanted just to get this out so people can at least play with bots in the bf maps, this is only El_Alamein, so other maps will nee...


Co-Op GC Market Garden

A very nice GC sp/coop map from RoloTomasi, this alsome map has All GC vehicles are in it including Tiefighter, Tiebomber, AT-ST, Millenium...


Co-Op GC Frozen Planet

The El Alamein map converted for Galactic Conquest.


Co-Op Piti

This map is for the original game. It includes support for single player, co-op, and conquest. CTF support is not tested, but may work.


Co-Op Alpine Operations

Defend a village while advancing towards the enemy. As you probably can guess, it is set in a snowy area. Support for co-op and conquest....


Co-Op Basrah nights

This is a redone Basrah nights with full CO-OP support what else is there to say lalalalalala check it out.


Co-Op Island airstrip

Thats right folks another awesome map by Greenbud this one is an island airstrip and it roxorsz for real check it out.


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Co-Op Merderet (Co-Op)

Greenbug took the original Merderet map and made it Co-Op. This isn't a new map, and you need the original map (link below) for it to work :...


Co-Op Danube Blues

This map is based on The events in winter 1944 when The red army first entered Budapest, Hungary. The Ai may not be supersmart but they sure...


Co-Op Valley of the Damned

This appears to be a well built map. This file includes four versions. 1-> Battlefield 1942 -(candians vs germans) There is no fla...


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Co-Op Coral Sea - Coop

Coop support for Coral Sea


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Co-Op Tobruk2

Tobruk2 is a modified map as of the Tobruk map. Although in an alone beginning was about to function in the mode conquers, I have prefered...


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Co-Op Nuenen Coop

Coop version of Nuenen map by bleibringer, winner of the last years EA contest. Also includes DC 0.7 conversion.


Co-Op Convoy - Coop

A coop conversion for the popular custom map Convoy.


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Co-Op DC Whiskey Mountain Coop

A coop version of the map DC Whiskey mountain originally made by Cpt. Sniper.


Co-Op Siege of Yorktown Coop

The first custom map for Battlefield 1861. It is infantry only and supports coop.


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Co-Op DC Urban Siege Coop

hello again...i was asked to add co-op to Dc Urban i didthe stryker was removed from both conquest and co-op modes because...


Co-Op DCF Kuwait Harbor - Coop

hello to all the people that like to play co-op...heres another co-op map made by me and ready for you to play..."Kuwait Harbor"and for...


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Co-Op Rostov

This file didn't come with a read me or screenies, but it's a prerequisite for a FH add-on and a BF1942 single player add-on so I thought...


Co-Op Pacific Railroad Coop Addon

This takes Pacific Railroad and makes it Co-op enabled. Good for all you SP players out there. You need the original file first though.


Co-Op Silent Woods Coop

Coop addon for Silent Woods. Get the original, then get this to kill some bots!


Co-Op Caribbean Inferno

A beautiful Caribbean island is occupied by the Germans and heavily guarded (airport, bunkers, and tanks). From an American destroyer landin...


Co-Op Kelly's Heroes

The map consists of a train yard which is capturable and starts under German control, but with the American uncapturable control point very...


Co-Op Eve of Destruction - Face to Face

Here's a new EoD fan map titled Face to Face. As the storm blows in, ARVN and NVA forces clash in a battle which seems like destiny. The ba...


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