Battlefield 1942

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Ardennes Alrek 1.81MB 1,845
My Pirate [tR]technochocolate 10.04MB 723
Citadel Isle Ulf Hammarqvist 1.46MB 3,466
Dune Mesiah farmerTom 34.01MB 4,024
The Real Midway Panadell 10.61MB 10,604
Mayhem BrokenLinux 9.7MB 13,833
Blitzcreek Map LANCLAN 7.63MB 4,235
Coral Insomnia MoonQuake 12.98MB 6,514
Schwebepanzers Mappack Schwebepanzer 34.84MB 7,784
Sea Battle Gustafsson 9.73MB 6,279
Coral Sea Stand-Alone Server Electronic Arts 10.11MB 14,083
Official Map - Coral Sea Electronic Arts 15.85MB 44,733
Stalingrad Pro L'etranger 11.14MB 2,318
Chaos Wake Map InFrA*ReD* 33.07MB 3,934
Snow El Alamein Winston Churchill 29.45MB 2,461
Big Omaha Beach Guest 9.4MB 1,383
Big Omaha Beach 1.1 Guest 9.55MB 7,797
LCVP Berlin1.0 Soldier6644 5.98MB 731
NB_BOB DaveSki 20.74MB 1,750
Battle of Oooltis Perfectionist 3.42MB 4,782
Solomon Island (ZIPPED) RogueHunter 15.27MB 6,856
Aberdeen Map (EA) * Reviewed * Electronic Arts 15.86MB 80,968
Aberdeen Map (Stand alone Server) Electronic Arts 10.69MB 9,649
Alpine Pass noa0248 30.41MB 5,349
LCVP Berlin2.0 Soldier6644 8.47MB 1,708
Mountain Battle RPGreg2600 19.53MB 2,968
Black Fortress Munch 20.28MB 6,013
Telemark Bogomil 10.67MB 3,930
LCVP Berlin2.1 PATCH Soldier6644 2.07MB 1,010
A Bridge Too Far V2 Lighteye 18.33MB 20,390
Hopeless Active9 19.92MB 5,167
Sea Bridge EdUdE 12.43MB 3,189
North Island (ParallelWorld06) Northloch 4.28MB 1,197
Benghazi 11 Pitmatic 33.45MB 9,140
Battle of the Atlantic Goya 1.13MB 7,278
Bastogne Guest 38.34MB 8,737
Bastogne (server) Guest 792KB 705
Sword Beach SaRgE 6.2MB 1,550
Training Map Guest 3.06MB 2,963
Uberdeen Map Guest 9.92MB 4,084
Densloe Training Map V2 Guest 2.36MB 3,821
Border War Alpha 0.25 BlackJack 12.68MB 549
Assault Guest 5.02MB 1,832
Backstreets V1.0 One-Man-Crimewave 9.88MB 1,977
Pacific Sun beta 1 Winston Churchill 11.5MB 2,475
Berlin Under Siege Excaliber 5.16MB 2,608
Cherbourg (1.4) 1st Lt Densloe 3MB 2,716
Canyons Kentaro 6.31MB 2,481
Paratrooper CheesyMaps 245KB 780